Baum Introduces PowerBaum, Industry’s Fastest Power Analysis and Modeling Solution

Faster by orders of magnitude compared with existing solutions in the market yet maintains very high accuracy

SEOUL, Korea, Oct. 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Baum today introduced its flagship product, PowerBaum, that enables engineering groups to fully optimize the energy efficiency of their semiconductor designs. PowerBaum is a state-of-the-art, high-speed and accurate power analysis and modeling solution targeting designs where power and thermal issues are critical, such as with mobile, multi-media, automotive, internet of things (IoT), networking, and server markets. 

“Power modeling and analysis remain one of the most underdeveloped solutions in the design of SoCs,” says Andy Ladd, Baum’s chief executive officer and founder. “With the slowdown of Moore’s Law, engineers must add power-consuming complexity to their designs to achieve their performance goals, making energy efficiency even more critical. This ever increasing design complexity is stressing the limits of existing power analysis products on the market today which do not have the capacity for these large designs and are too slow to run anything meaningful.”

Engineers need a complete power solution instead of ad hoc tools with little or no automation. Abstract power models without a path to implementation, or late-stage tools targeting the gate-level or later when change is difficult and costly, are not effective either.

PowerBaum generates power models by automatically learning and abstracting gate-level power behavior to achieve a very high level of accuracy yet run orders of magnitude faster than existing technologies. The PowerBaum models plug into 3rd party RTL or SystemC simulators and generate time-based power waveforms on-the-fly. Running at higher levels of simulation abstraction yet retaining gate-level power accuracy for analysis is the key to PowerBaum’s technology.  Automatic power model generation, high speed, and high accuracy are the three fundamental requirements of high-level power analysis.  PowerBaum is an innovative, state-of-the-art, patented technology that provides all three.

Designers use PowerBaum’s fast, accurate power analysis and modeling solution much earlier in the design cycle when there is more opportunity to optimize power and gain better energy efficiency. Engineering groups use PowerBaum to optimize designs for low-power consumption, and to ensure proper power and thermal management. It supports both dynamic and static power analysis, taking in register transfer level (RTL) and netlist descriptions of the design.

Telechips of Seoul, Korea, a supplier of automotive entertainment systems and consumer electronics, is an early adopter of PowerBaum.  “Baum was instrumental in identifying and fixing several power issues in our new design,” remarks Moon-Soo Kim, vice president of engineering at Telechips. “Having a solution that achieves both the speed necessary to run a variety of realistic scenarios combined with providing a very high level of accuracy allowed us to uncover power problems quickly and identify where to make the fixes. Without Baum’s unique power analysis capabilities, we wouldn’t have been able to find and fix these issues causing our new product to consume too much power.”

PowerBaum is shipping in production today and available globally.  Baum’s products are available directly through Baum, Inc in North America, Korea, and Europe (  Baum’s products are available in Japan through Baum’s local sales office (  China sales are handled through Baum’s China representative, NewPlus Systems & Technologies Ltd located in Shanghai and Beijing, China (  Taiwan sales are handled through Baum’s Taiwan representative, Maojet Technology Corporation in Taipei and Hsin-Chu, Taiwan (

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Baum provides electronic design automation (EDA) software and solutions that enable engineering groups in the automotive, internet of things (IoT), mobile, networking and server markets to fully optimize the energy efficiency of their semiconductor designs. Founded in 2016 by seasoned semiconductor professionals with technical, R&D and business development expertise, Baum is privately held and funded.

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