Razorthink Delivers First Deep Learning Data Science Automation Platform

Big Brain Automates 80% of Data Science Tasks, Predicts Outcomes with Superior Accuracy and Discovers Insights Never Before Possible

BOSTON, BankAI 2017, Oct. 16, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Razorthink Inc., an innovator in Artificial Intelligence Data Science for the Enterprise, today announced Razorthink Big Brain, the first Deep Learning Data Science Platform that automates the data preparation, modeling, evaluation and deployment of Deep Learning solutions at scale. With Razorthink Big Brain, organizations can quickly generate Expert AIs that supercharge their data science efforts with superior big data predictive analytics and help businesses avoid blind spots by ‘knowing what they don’t know.’

Big Brain generates customized and continually optimized Expert AIs for specific business cases such as customer engagement, fraud detection, credit risk, wealth management and targeted marketing. The Expert AIs are powered by hybrid algorithms that learn without human intervention. The Big Brain platform will be showcased at BankAI 2017 in Boston on October 16-17 in booth #19.

Gartner predicts that more than 40 percent of data science tasks will be automated by 2020. ‘’The result will be access to more data sources, including more complex data types; a broader and more sophisticated range of analytics capabilities; and the empowering of a large audience of analysts throughout the organization, with a simplified form of data science,” according to Gartner, Inc. (Source: Gartner Press Release, Sydney Australia, January 16, 2017)

"We are at a unique time when technology is disrupting almost every industry,” said Gary Oliver, Chairman and CEO of Razorthink. “Banking is at a critical juncture as Fintech start-ups and tech giants deliver new types of financial products centered around the convenience of digital banking. But traditional financial services firms have the opportunity to create a sustainable competitive advantage if they apply Deep Learning to big data and transform into a customer-centric digital finance business.”

"We are investing in Deep Learning AI as we believe it's going to take predictive analytics to new heights,” said Balaji Narayanamurthy, EVP and Head of Business Intelligence Unit, Axis Bank. "Razorthink is one of the very few players who has developed expertise in this area and is helping us to predict customer behavior with superior accuracy. We look forward to using Razorthink Big Brain to develop this unique expertise within the bank and solve even more complex problems." 

Razorthink Big Brain is an AI Data Science automation platform that uncovers insights using Deep Learning neural networks not possible using traditional machine learning algorithms. Deep Learning neural networks can detect patterns not described by humans, patterns with thousands of variables and non-linear patterns. Big Brain generates customized and continually optimized Expert AIs to address the biggest, most complex, most variable problems in an enterprise over a long-term horizon.

The Razorthink Big Brain platform uses the following five components to automate the data preparation, modeling, evaluation and deployment of Deep Learning solutions.

Data Optimizer – Automates the data transformation process by refining and intelligently wrangling raw data, which is then formulated into tensors for AI data modeling.

Deep Learning Modeler – An exotic Deep Learning algorithm builder with a drag and drop interface empowers users to quickly create and edit hybrid supervised and unsupervised models.

Model Optimizer - Tunes the hyper parameters to obtain ideal results. Users can view and compare model run results. The Model Optimizer also allows users to create run templates for model execution.

Deployment Optimizer – Tells users how to configure the Expert AI in terms of number of servers and software needed. The available deployment modes for the Big Brian platform and Expert AIs are on premise, Cloud or using a hybrid deployment mode.

Big Brain Communicator - A visual and intuitive UI that displays the models built, along with explanations of how they were created.

The Razorthink Big Brain platform is immediately available with the five components needed to build Expert AIs. Customers pay a term license fee for the platform and Expert AIs as well as professional services, if needed.

About Razorthink Inc.
Razorthink is an innovator in Artificial Intelligence Data Science for the Enterprise. The company has created the first Deep Learning Data Science Automation solution, Big Brain, which moves organizations beyond human limitations. Big Brain generates customized Expert AIs that can predict outcomes in customer engagement, fraud detection, credit risk, targeted marketing other areas with superior accuracy at scale. Organizations that use Razorthink Expert AIs gain business insights never before possible. Razorthink customers include leading enterprises within banking, financial services, insurance and telecommunications. The company is privately held with headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area and Research Labs in Bangalore, India. For more information, visit www.razorthink.com or follow @razorthinkInc.

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