DOSarrest releases new API

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DOSarrest Internet Security announced today that they have released a new Application Programming Interface(API) for their latest generation of Internet Security Services Software, enabling NSPs, ISPs and Security as a Service companies to directly access any and all of DOSarrest’s cloud based Security Services. This allows any organization to integrate into their existing customer portals any of DOSarrest’s services which include DDoS protection, CDN, best of breed WAF, global load balancing as well as any future services on their aggressive roadmap.

Some of the features of the API allow subscribers to auto provision, dynamically spin up/down instances and capacity as required and pick and choose whatever components they need from DOSarrest’s numerous DDoS and WAF elements. This is a new “restful” API, making integration as easy as it gets. Subscribers can also leverage DOSarrest’s Big data analytics engine to manipulate and display logging data as they see fit.

Brian Mohammed Director of Sales and Marketing states, “We have had many enquiries from large telcos, especially in Europe, who like and want our service but need an API. We listened and here it is.” Mohammed adds, “This allows virtually anyone to use our services to ensure their customers' websites are secure from any attack be it large volumetric or a small sophisticated layer 7 attack, all the while it looks like it’s their own service, on-demand.”

Mark Teolis, CEO of DOSarrest explains, “We are also willing to build a custom portal for companies that don’t have an in house programming staff to use the new API; why not use our in house development group to help you make it?”  In addition, Teolis states, “Once you subscribe to the new API you will have access to all future services, and there are some good ones on the way.”

About DOSarrest Internet Security:
DOSarrest founded in 2007 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada is one of only a couple of companies worldwide to specialize in only cloud based DDoS protection services.  Additional Web security services offered are Cloud based Web Application Firewall (WAF), Vulnerability Testing and Optimization (VTO), DataCenter Defender - GRE as well as cloud based global load balancing

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