CoinMD Proves Use Cases Through International Expansion

World's First Universal Healthcare Marketplace to Accept Cryptocurrency Launching on November 4th

Atlanta, Georgia, UNITED STATES

ATLANTA, Oct. 24, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CoinMD, responding to the entrenched resistance of the United States healthcare system to change, has expanded its operations to include ten international territories. The purpose of this move is to demonstrate the viability and value of the CoinMD platform in a regulatory environment more conducive to innovation.

By creating a private healthcare membership platform that uses its own proprietary store of value, the health-tech start-up seeks to reduce the cost of healthcare products and services for its members while giving healthcare providers secure access to consolidated records. The organization's comprehensive white paper uses publicly available statistics to illustrate that healthcare prices are inflating faster than fiat currencies are, leading to an eventual crisis wherein the majority of Americans cannot pay for healthcare.

However, the American healthcare system is one of the world's most complex, and existing regulation makes the system deeply resistant to innovation. Inspiring change in such conditions requires generating valid use cases in simpler environments and then translating these successes to the peculiarities of the American market.

Specifically, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) represents a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to innovation and development. The law, enacted in 1996, does not provide for the potential reality of a modern, secure, shared patient data system of the type envisioned by healthcare innovators.

In order for innovators like CoinMD to prove the value their platform represents, they must demonstrate working use cases that do not rely on HIPAA compliance, or that apply to healthcare markets with more modern guidelines concerning the portability and accountability of healthcare data.

This strategy gives CoinMD the ability to develop solutions for reducing the cost of healthcare products and services and find partner organizations in countries with a progressive stance on healthcare data and individuals' rights. Major European health record vendors like Finland's Tieto have already begun searching for blockchain-based healthcare data solutions.

To meet this end, CoinMD is launching the world's first universal healthcare marketplace to accept cryptocurrency on November 4th in Houston, Texas. The organization is issuing an official invitation to all media outlets with an interest in healthcare innovation to participate in the event.

About CoinMD

CoinMD, Inc. is a private membership network designed to make healthcare more affordable. Linking world-class healthcare providers with an active pool of consumers, CoinMD uses the buying power of the network to negotiate deals that lower costs for members. The network also enables members to earn CoinRewards by making insurance payments on time, using in-network health and wellness providers, and sharing CoinMD with other people.

CoinMD uses a new cryptocurrency powered by a secure blockchain and designed to gain value over time, instead of losing value like national currencies. Anyone of any age—seniors, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, or Millennials—can join CoinMD to benefit from lower costs today and a more secure retirement tomorrow.

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