EdgeWave Launches ThreatCheck Service; Provides Immediate Threat Analysis of Suspected Phishing Emails to End Users with a Single Click

Breakthrough service applies automated machine learning and human analysis to eliminate employee uncertainty over increasingly sophisticated malicious emails

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EdgeWave®, Inc., a leading provider in cybersecurity and compliance, today announced the availability of EdgeWave ThreatCheck, an automated phishing email incident response service that empowers end users to seamlessly report suspicious emails for threat investigation in real-time with the click of a button. Using machine learning and human analysis, ThreatCheck rapidly delivers the results of the threat investigation directly to the employee, indicating whether or not it is safe to open the email. If a threat is detected, ThreatCheck globally removes the malicious message from the inbox and notifies IT administrators.

"Email phishing attacks are the most prevalent variety of social attacks. In fact, 91% of successful data breaches start with a phishing attack. So when a suspicious email reaches the inbox of an employee, the last thing you want is uncertainty over whether it is legitimate or malicious," said Lou Ryan, CEO, EdgeWave. "Unlike other security solutions, ThreatCheck eliminates that employee uncertainty and quickly disposes of the threat, without burdening limited IT resources."

Closing the email phishing security gap
Because of the increasing sophistication of phishing attacks, ransomware and other malicious email threats, the inbox of employee end users represents a critical security gap in many companies. Gateway security defenses are not 100% effective in blocking phishing emails, and IT help desks often do not have the resources to perform the complex and time-consuming process of maintaining threat intelligence and providing rapid incident response. Employees are left to their own judgment as to whether the message is legitimate and if they should follow the email's request. Even if an employee ignores a suspected phishing email, the risk continues to grow as the attacker moves on to the next employee target.

Real-time reporting and defense against malware attacks
Supported by more than 20 years of security experience, EdgeWave ThreatCheck delivers the most accurate threat intelligence with a unique hybrid approach that combines automated machine learning and human intelligence. All ThreatCheck service requests are investigated in real time at the EdgeWave Hybrid Threat Detection Center. With a single click, ThreatCheck removes the guesswork of whether or not to open a suspicious email. Employees receive an immediate communication to guide them, and companies can rely on powerful, automated detection and prevention of costly phishing attacks across their enterprise.

ThreatCheck also offers powerful capabilities for IT administrators, including real-time reporting on potential attacks and an easy-to-deploy, centralized threat dashboard that provides an in-depth view of threat statistics across categories and domains. ThreatCheck helps alleviate overburdened IT resources and reduce the number of help desk tickets.

"ThreatCheck provides a crucial safety net for our company. Despite stringent gateway security, some phishing emails still find their way to employees’ inboxes. With ThreatCheck, we have a powerful line of defense to ward off the costly damage of those malicious emails," said Steve Davidson, Director of IT, Mesa Systems, Inc. "Before ThreatCheck, delivering an immediate, on-demand threat analysis to every end user was simply impossible. Now that we have that capability, it's clear that this is an indispensable element of any effective security strategy."

Powerful protection to address phishing vulnerabilities
EdgeWave ThreatCheck offers companies and their employees a continuous, front-line defense against phishing attacks that:

  • Delivers automated, accurate phishing investigation and remediation
  • Eliminates employee uncertainty and phishing dwell time
  • Relieves resource burden and complexity of managing incident response
  • Defends a company’s network against malware attacks
  • Increases employees’ security awareness

ThreatCheck is currently available as a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook email clients. Later this year, the service will also be available on Mac and mobile platforms.

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