Mosaic partners with PeerIQ to provide enhanced loan-level transparency to their $307M solar loan securitization

Serving as loan data agent for the deal, PeerIQ allowed prospective ABS buyers to quickly analyze the underlying loan collateral at both the portfolio and loan-level

NewYork, Oct. 30, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mosaic, America's leading provider of affordable home solar financing solutions, has partnered with PeerIQ, a leading loan analytics platform provider, to support this week’s solar loan asset backed securitization, MSAIC 2017-2.  This is Mosaic’s second term ABS issuance, with Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, Guggenheim Partners, and DZ Bank arranging the deal.  Backed by 10,188 residential rooftop solar loans, the deal was heavily oversubscribed, pricing significantly tighter than the low end of price guidance.

Specifically, Mosaic leveraged PeerIQ’s platform to offer prospective ABS buyers easy access to loan-level collateral data and analytical tools.  Instead of providing rep lines by subgroup, Mosaic and PeerIQ exposed the entire collateral pool, offering potential investors tools to filter and stratify the entire pool, drill down on single loans, and export loan tapes and other diligence analyses.

“PeerIQ’s platform allows digital consumer lenders, financiers, and ABS buyers to transact with confidence,” said Ram Ahluwalia, chief executive officer of PeerIQ.  “We’re excited that Mosaic chose to work with us on this issuance to increase loan-level transparency, streamline diligence, and improve overall ABS execution.”

Katya Baron, Managing Director of Capital Markets at Mosaic, added: “PeerIQ’s portal allowed us to deliver greater transparency to investors during the offering process.  This was a huge plus in marketing the deal and enhanced overall execution.”


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