Aimark, Inc. Gets Hands-On in Hurricane Relief Efforts for Puerto Rico

Orlando, FL, Oct. 30, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aside from being one of the most successful marketing firms in Central Florida, Aimark Inc. is committed to serving its community by regularly participating with non-profit organizations in the area. Thanks to the help of the Orlando Cares Hope for Puerto Rico disaster relief project, 4.4 million meals have been provided to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico’s hurricane victims who have been deprived of their basic needs. Aimark Inc. C.E.O Jonathan Khani and associates had the privilege of volunteering and contributing to this amazing event hosted by the Feeding Children Everywhere Association at the Orange County Convention Center.

Over 54,000 volunteers came to Orlando from all over the nation to help. From sun up to sun down, hundreds of volunteers created care packages containing food, water and snacks over the course of four weeks. These care packages were shipped directly to FEMA and will be distributed to the families of Puerto Rico. As Puerto Rico is undergoing one of the most extensive recovery efforts the island has ever seen, it is acts of selflessness like these that strengthen our community as we unite as one to lend a helping hand to our neighbors.

"This was probably one of the most meaningful events we’ve participated in so far because it was personal for many of us, especially our team members of Puerto Rican descent whose families were directly affected by this catastrophe," says Joshua Farley, assistant manager of Aimark, Inc.

“Aimark is more than just a marketing firm. The company offers endless opportunities to get involved with our community. A helping hand from our company provides everlasting benefits to those in need. It truly is a rewarding experience,” says Jon Khani, C.E.O. of Aimark, Inc.



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