Modern Cinema Group Prepares to Launch the First of Its Kind International Media Exchange

Beverly Hills, California, Nov. 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Modern Cinema Group, Inc. (OTCPK: MOCI) is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the first international media exchange for the purpose of trading both equity and licensing rights for movies, television series and electronic games.

The exchange software, developed by Kapp Software based in India is fully featured and not only complies with the requirements of prominent regulatory authorities, but offers a feature set for the most sophisticated of traders.

Today Kapp Software, a 14 year old company provides the software for 8 different exchanges around the world and specializes in high-capacity systems that are friendly to all users.

Says Ross Cooper, CEO of Modern Cinema Group, “I saw the Kapp Software exchange system and network for the first time when I was meeting with The Pride Group and Pride Holdings in Chicago.  I was not only impressed with the functionality of the software, but the look and feel as well.  It’s an impressive system and highly customizable, which is important for our media exchange.  In fact, I’ve never seen anything like it.  When I then saw the companion App for mobile devices, I instantly knew Kapp would be the best provider of software systems and networking to our company.”

The Kapp Software team is made up of highly trained software developers with vast industry experience.  Many of the developers have more than 15 years of experience  The team is focused primarily on the development of exchange software and mobile apps, however new products and services are in the pipeline.  Each person on the Kapp Software team is encouraged to involve themselves creatively so all products arrive with careful thought and brilliant design.

Modern Cinema Group will soon be launching the first of its kind media exchange for the buying and selling of both equity interest and license rights for media content titles including long and short-form content not to mention “Live” television.  This is the first time in history when such an ambitious “exchange development ” effort has been undertaken, and Kapp Software is providing the much needed infrastructure for the network. 

Says Jacob George, CEO of Kapp Software, we find the synergies between Modern Cinema Group and Kapp Software to be ideal.  Ross Cooper brings his vision which is perfectly aligned with functions and features of our exchange platform.  We look forward to the upcoming launch the ‘first-of-its-kind’ media exchange.  Our team believes this new media exchange will change the way media assets are financed and distributed here in India and around the world.  Ross brings his experience in the media industry and we bring the time-tested software.  We make a great team.”

Modern Cinema Group’s new Media Exchange software system and network will be ready for its first listing before the end of November, 2017.  All commercial aspects of the trading platform are ready to go.

Mr. Cooper goes on to say, “Kapp Software and the Modern Cinema Group team based in America are working overtime to list our first movie on the exchange in the next few weeks.”

Modern Cinema Group based in Beverly Hills, founded in San Diego has spent the last three years designing and patenting new business and technology models that allow both producers and distribution partners to integrate their systems in such a way as to leverage each other’s natural advantages.

Kapp Software based in India is a 14 year old company employing some of the best software developers in its industry.  Pride software systems are running in many countries today with plans to expand in the near future. 

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Source: Uptick Newswire


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