480 Biomedical’s Novel Technology Featured in Nature Materials

480 Biomedical develops new technology which imparts metal-like strength on bioresorbable polymers

Watertown, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

WATERTOWN, Mass., Nov. 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 480 Biomedical, a clinical-stage life science company committed to transforming the lives of patients with chronic diseases, announced a publication in Nature Materials highlighting the novel mechanical properties of the company’s fully bioresorbable polymeric implant technology.

As described in Nature Materials, the 480 Biomedical implant has been demonstrated in pre-clinical studies to possess resistive strength similar to metal, while maintaining flexibility and ultimately fully resorbing. This unique combination of attributes is achieved by combining a PLGA base structure with a proprietary bioresorbable elastomer, that is crosslinked via an innovative processing method. The elastomer is resistant to stress relaxation, allowing the implant to continually “spring-back”, thereby preventing migration or dislodgement after placement within the body. The structure is also highly flexible, and therefore conforms to the shape of irregular cavities, providing an ideal platform for efficient delivery of drugs directly to tissue. The study also demonstrates that the implant safely resorbs within the body.  

“A major limitation of current implants used to treat soft tissue diseases is the lack of chronic strength and elasticity from the device’s material structure,” said George Whitesides, PhD., Professor of Chemistry at Harvard University and co-author. “The composite design of this polymeric material allows the implant to maintain contact with tissues over several months, ultimately facilitating the sustained delivery of drugs to patients with chronic conditions.”

“Extended-drug release systems that retain their properties and conform to irregular cavities within the body could revolutionize drug administration to soft tissue diseases without obstructing air or fluid flow,” said Robert Langer, PhD., Institute Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-author. “This platform provides a means to maximize effective treatment at the site of disease for a wide range of diseases and in a variety of clinical settings.”

About 480 Biomedical
Located in Watertown, Massachusetts, 480 Biomedical is a clinical-stage, life science company committed to transforming the lives of patients debilitated by chronic diseases. 480 Biomedical has developed a unique and proprietary drug delivery system that provides a steady dose of drug directly to diseased soft tissues over several months. A single administration to affected local tissues increases drug efficacy, and eliminates the need for patient compliance to daily medications while avoiding systemic drug side effects. 480 Biomedical’s goal is to provide these poorly served patients a better quality of life in the face of limited and effective treatment options.

Carrie Mendivil
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