IntelligenceBank Announces NEW Lightning-Fast Search as part of its 3.0 Upgrade

Enabling people to search across millions of creative files within seconds.

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IntelligenceBank DAM has recently announced the launch of its new Lightning-Fast Search feature as part of the platform’s overall 3.0 infrastructure upgrade.

Now when searching across millions of files, instead of waiting for results to return, IntelligenceBank DAM will return results from millions of files in a few seconds.

The speed of searching also works when filtering results by file type, and other parameters – finally bringing the desktop experience to SaaS applications.

According to Tessa Court, the CEO of IntelligenceBank, “With the vast quantity of creative content being produced, not only do marketing departments need digital asset management software to manage the processes around content creation, management and distribution, but they need to be able to find files instantly. Our new, Lightning-Fast Search lets enterprises manage and find millions of images faster than ever before. With this upgrade, our backend infrastructure is 15x faster than other platforms, and we have literally brought a desktop computing experience to the cloud.”

In addition to this speed advantage, IntelligenceBank DAM is also offering a new interface upgrade featuring infinite scrolling, so when users have hundreds and thousands of images to search through, they instantly load while scrolling image libraries, saving time when searching for images.

Over the past several months, IntelligenceBank has been upgrading its backend architecture to IntelligenceBank 3.0, which has been focused on improving overall speed, performance and usability. 

About IntelligenceBank 

IntelligenceBank is a leading business process management software platform, passionate about making work seamless. We believe that business processes everywhere, involving digitized information can be controlled and simplified with our highly configurable software. Rated #1 for customer support and service, our family of SaaS applications -- Digital Asset Management, Board Portals, Risk and Compliance and Knowledge Management -- save people time, businesses money, and at the end of the day, make people's lives easier.

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