Orange County Plastic Surgeon Explains the Growing Popularity of Smaller Breast Implants

Dr. Daniel C. Mills of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Institute says a new trend may be emerging among women who are considering breast augmentation: the desire for smaller breast implants.

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif., Dec. 05, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- When many people think of breast augmentation, they may assume that the goal of the procedure is to make the breasts significantly larger. In earlier times, that may have been true in many cases; however, Dr. Daniel C. Mills, a plastic surgeon in Orange County, says recent trends indicate a change may be occurring. Dr. Mills notes that a growing number of women appear to be considering breast augmentation with smaller breast implants that do not add an extensive amount of volume to the breasts, and the reasons for this are rooted in both practicality and the desire for a certain type of aesthetic result.

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Dr. Mills says that many women who consider breast augmentation are looking to enhance their appearance with results that look as natural as possible. Women with a certain kind of body frame may find that smaller implants help them achieve this goal by providing greater balance to their body proportions, rather than adding a significant amount of breast volume that may negatively affect that balance. Dr. Mills notes that smaller implants can also be more ideal for women who have lifestyles that incorporate active fitness and sports regimens, as well as more labor-intensive jobs. In these cases, he says smaller implants can ultimately be less inhibiting.

In addition to lifestyle factors, Dr. Mills says smaller breast implants may also be a more ideal choice for women who simply want to restore breast volume that has been diminished following pregnancy or weight loss. He explains that a number of women who undergo breast augmentation do not necessarily have the desire for significantly larger breasts – they simply want to replace volume that has been lost over time and attain breasts of a size and shape similar to an earlier period in their lives.

Ultimately, Dr. Mills says, trends in cosmetic surgery change over the years and what was popular a while ago may not be as popular today. In addition to smaller breast implants becoming more common, Dr. Mills notes that breast lift surgery is at least twice as popular at his practice than it was four years ago. He also says that new techniques such as the GalaFlex® Scaffold - an implantable device that can slow the recurrence of breast ptosis (sagging) in women who have weakened breast tissue after a breast lift - have been helping patients prolong the results of surgery and can even be used in some cases as an alternative to augmentation for women who are primarily considering smaller breast implants for the purposes of giving their breasts a “lifted” effect. The key thing to remember for individuals who are considering plastic surgery, Dr. Mills explains, is that their goals should be based on their own desires and what they feel may be best for their appearance and confidence, rather than what may be the latest trend. Dr. Mills adds that those who are considering surgical aesthetic enhancement of any kind should be sure to meet with a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon who will talk with them about their goals, present them with the best options based on their unique needs and lifestyles, and create a customized treatment plan to produce the most natural-looking, beautiful results possible.

About Daniel Mills, MD, FACS
Dr. Daniel C. Mills is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and has served as the President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the California Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Mills has been in private practice for more than two decades. As the head of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Institute, he offers a full range of advanced breast surgery procedures, including breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction, in addition to an array of surgical treatments for the face and body. Dr. Mills also offers a comprehensive selection of non-surgical and minimally-invasive skin care treatments at the practice’s medical spa, Laguna Beach Rejuvenation & Wellness. Dr. Mills is available for interview upon request.

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