Baidu Unveils Three DuerOS-powered Smart Hardware Products at CES 2018 in Las Vegas

Innovation is driving the rapid expansion of DuerOS conversational artificial intelligence system, empowering new intelligent products at “China Speed”

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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Baidu, Inc. (NASDAQ:BIDU) today unveiled three smart hardware products, powered by the latest and most advanced version of its conversational AI system, DuerOS 2.0, at its press conference “Baidu World @ Las Vegas 2018.” This impressive product lineup includes the Little Fish VSI smart speaker, Sengled smart lamp speaker, and popIn Aladdin, a voice-enabled dome light with projector functionality for the Japanese market.

“As one of Baidu’s key AI strategies, the DuerOS open platform has rapidly advanced from DuerOS 1.0 to DuerOS 2.0 since its launch,” said Kun Jing, General Manager of Baidu’s Duer Business Unit. “The innovation capabilities of the DuerOS platform have been recognized by both upstream and downstream partners in the industry using voice intelligence. In the process of developing AI products and enhancing user experience, DuerOS has become the most vibrant conversational AI ecosystem in China with its install base growing at 148 percent month-over-month and monthly active device growing at 127 percent month-over-month.”

The debut of these three new smart hardware products follows shortly after the Bejing launch of Raven series, the DuerOS-powered smart speaker and home robots, at Baidu World in November in 2017. The accelerated launches are a key indicator of Baidu’s leading position in the industry, leveraging its AI capabilities and becoming a gauge of China’s AI development speed. 

Equipped with DuerOS 2.0, the three hardware products showcased at CES 2018 are supported by cutting-edge intelligent voice technologies and smooth human-machine voice interaction, creating a premium product experience for users. As the “Alexa” of China, DuerOS products are designed to operate in various environments. 

Powered by DuerOS 2.0, Little Fish VSI Smart Speaker provides families with a brand new audiovisual experience that enables information sharing, video and entertainment, encyclopedia search, face recognition, parental control, smart home services and more via natural language human-machine interactions.

Feature highlights include support for multi-party video calls, a large video library by iQiyi, one of China’s largest streaming sites, high quality knowledge, the capability to switch TV channels using voice, Baidu Search and a family cloud photo album. This sleek product is available in four different colors with a fabric surface and 6-MIC array.

Sengled smart lamp speaker, which is powered by DuerOS, will bring an enhanced intelligent experience to homes. As the first voice-enabled smart lamp in China, users can experience smooth voice interaction and access vast amounts of content. The product offers multiple smart lighting modes, such as a reading light, night light and rainbow light to meet the needs of users in various scenarios. The smart lamp speaker provides 16 million color configurations, can respond to music following the song’s rhythm, and enhance the overall sleep and wake-up experience. The smart lamp speaker can also connect with all the smart home devices in the DuerOS ecosystem. 

One of the key devices of Baidu’s new product lineup is popIn Aladdin, a voice enabled smart dome light, which is jointly launched with the leading smart projector maker XGIMI and Baidu’s Japan subsidiary brand popln. The product can also be used as both a projector and a speaker, creating a central home entertainment device for Japanese homes, which are typically smaller in size and have less space for multiple devices. Using natural language, users will be able to conveniently control the light and also access information and entertainment content.

Embracing openness and enhancing collaboration with partners, DuerOS has a core mission: “put intelligence in everything.” Since the launch of the DuerOS open platform at the Baidu Create developer conference in Beijing in July 2017, the platform has brought together more than 130 partners over six months and created more than 20 hardware product solutions. At least five DuerOS-enabled products are launched to the mass market each month. 

DuerOS has formed partnerships with well-known enterprises such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, Haier, Midea, Harman, Skyworth, TCL etc., expanding the applications of DuerOS’ conversational AI capability in mobile phones, televisions, speakers and other smart home devices, wearables and automotive.

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