Helix Semiconductors Announces New Strategic Investor

Company Secures $2 Million Investment from XTRION N.V.

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fabless power semiconductor company Helix Semiconductors today announced it has brought on a new strategic investor, XTRION N.V. XTRION, a Belgian holding company that owns X-FAB and Melexis, has made an equity investment of $2 million in Helix Semiconductors. In connection with the agreement, Rudi De Winter, managing director of XTRION and CEO of X-FAB, will join the Helix Semiconductors board of advisors.

Focused on addressing the global initiatives for more efficient power supplies, Helix Semiconductors’ core energy-efficiency technology (MuxCapacitorTM) takes a different approach to power conversion than traditional methods. Over the entire load range, from low-load to full-load conditions, Helix Semiconductors’ MuxCapacitor converts mains power worldwide to virtually any lower voltage with over 95 percent efficiency. Helix Semiconductors’ technology enables the highest power density through capacitive power conversion and capacitive isolation. This capacitive conversion voltage-reduction technology makes possible best-in-class energy conversion efficiencies across the full load range, and especially while the system is in power down (standby and vampire power) and lightly loaded operation.

“The investment by XTRION will help us bring to market several of our ‘Zero Power,’ highly efficient, capacitive power conversion products,” said Harold A. Blomquist, president and CEO of Helix Semiconductors. “Futhermore, the addition of Rudi to our board of advisors will provide significant depth of experience in technology and specifically semiconductors, as well as superior leadership. He will be a tremendous asset to us.”

"Helix Semiconductors is well-positioned to deliver on its promise to change the way power conversions are made,” said De Winter. “We believe the company’s MuxCapacitor technology will play a significant role in power conversion within many different industries.”

Helix Semiconductors uses leading-edge X-FAB 0.18um high voltage CMOS processes to develop its innovative power conversion products. Added Blomquist, “This agreement further strengthens the relationship we have with X-FAB and demonstrates their dedication to the partnership.”

For more information about Helix Semiconductors’ products and technology, please visit www.helixsemiconductors.com


XTRION N.V. is a Belgian private technology holding company with roots going back to the early ‘90s and is at the basis of X-FAB and Melexis. XTRION selectively invests in innovative ventures related to semiconductor activities.

About Helix Semiconductors

Helix Semiconductors, a tradename of Smart Prong Technologies Inc., is a fabless power semiconductor company focused on developing energy-efficient digital power solutions. At a time when worldwide energy shortages are a reality and strict new efficiency standards are being enacted globally, Helix Semiconductors is creating impactful, energy-efficient power conversion products that are friendly to humans and the environment.

Applications addressed by Helix Semiconductors’ power conversion technology include the billions of devices in the consumer, computer, telecom, medical, and industrial markets. To learn more, please visit the company website at www.helixsemiconductors.com and follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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