ChiroMatrix Partners With CoachCare to Add Virtual Healthcare Technology to their Online Marketing Services

San Diego, California, UNITED STATES

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ChiroMatrix, the leading chiropractic website and online marketing provider, has announced a new partnership with CoachCare, a technology platform that enhances patient care through remote coaching and telemedicine. This partnership brings value to clients by delivering high-quality web marketing services designed specifically for chiropractors, as well as a customized technology platform designed for various types of clinics, including weight management and chiropractic care.  This is especially valuable for practices just starting up or looking to expand into other areas, as they are supported through the establishment of a solid, profitable online presence and 24-hour metrics.

According to Jeff Coulter, director of channel and strategic partnerships at CoachCare, this partnership brings numerous benefits to the clients of both companies.

“I believe our partnership with ChiroMatrix complements both organizations and offers our respective clinic practices tremendous competitive advantages,” Coulter said. “The CoachCare technology platform provides health clinics measurable revenue generating benefits and ultimately supports better patient outcomes. ChiroMatrix’s experience and expertise can leverage those differentiators through their website development and marketing programs.

“The ultimate goal here is to provide for better patient outcomes, which makes both CoachCare and ChiroMatrix clinic practices more successful.”

Ali Nikoopour, business development manager at ChiroMatrix, is optimistic about the potential positive impact this new partnership will have on their nearly 9,000 combined clients.

“At ChiroMatrix, we understand the need for a strong online presence and the value an effective website can bring to chiropractors,” said Nikoopour. “Our web presence solutions are specifically designed for chiropractic professionals looking to attract prospective clients, while building relationships with current ones.

“The technologies offered by our partner complement the forward-thinking website solutions our clients desire to manage and grow their patient relationships, and in turn, their businesses.”

Through this partnership, CoachCare clients can enjoy new exclusive partner benefits on ChiroMatrix online marketing solutions including 50% setup plus a FREE office video when they sign up for any ChiroMatrix service.

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