Wrinkl Granted Three Patents for its Group Messaging Platform

First-of-its-kind software solves messaging threads and integrates email with patented solutions advancing workplace communication

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wrinkl, the actionable group messaging platform that brings clarity and productivity back to collaboration, today announced the company was granted three patents for its cloud-based group messaging software. Each Wrinkl patent disclosed today protects a significant advancement in group messaging technology.

According to Marc Cohen, CEO and co-founder of Wrinkl, “We are fixing group messaging from the inside out to make it suitable for business use.”

Wrinkl was awarded a patent earlier this year for its “References” feature, which enables users to easily indicate which message(s), in a moving stream of many, their new message responds to or refers. This innovation addresses the “80 percent use case” for “threads,” a solution to which has been considered group messaging’s “holy grail.” References is a heavily utilized feature of Wrinkl with more than 25 percent of all messages applying it.

Wrinkl also announces the grant of two patents relating to its integration of email into group messaging platforms. The first patent, issued in July 2017, protects a Wrinkl innovation enabling users to send emails from both direct message and group message channels, and to receive email replies into the group messaging platform. Wrinkl’s rules-based approach to the allowance of such replies determines whether they are accepted into the channel or prevented. Further, today’s granted patent protects a complementary advance, enabling accepted email responses to remain private to individual group-member recipients (even in group channels) or, optionally, “shared” (in whole or part) with the rest of the group. Wrinkl’s integration of email and group messaging keeps the conversation all in one place, maintaining chronology and context, while establishing a system of record.

“By securing these patents, Wrinkl combines the immediacy of group chat and the durability of email,” said Cohen. “Our innovative platform empowers users to collaborate more efficiently by aligning workplace communications in a single solution.”

Wrinkl is accessible via desktop and is available to download in Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

For more information, please visit www.wrinkl.com. To schedule a demo, contact us at info@wrinkl.com.  

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Wrinkl is the actionable group messaging platform that brings clarity and productivity back to collaboration. Our cloud-based communications software combines an easy-to-use group chat interface with a suite of native messaging tools designed to get work done and create a system of record. Wrinkl provides businesses with a messaging solution that reduces clutter, distills what’s important, and supplies the tools to act on it—all without leaving the conversation. With Wrinkl, conversation is action—not distraction. For a more in-depth look, visit us at www.wrinkl.com and @Wrinklme.

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