Language Learning Solutions Provider EMC School Expands Computer Literacy Offerings With Acquisition of Zulama

Comprehensive Computer Science Curriculum Centers on Game Design to Make Coding and Programming Fun for Middle and High School Students

ST. PAUL, Minn., Feb. 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EMC School (EMC), a leading provider of digital and blended language learning solutions, today announced its acquisition of Zulama, Inc., an award-winning ed tech company producing innovative digital programs for computer literacy in middle and high school classrooms. Zulama modules, courses and certifications will be available for sale immediately as part of EMC’s computer literacy product line, and ultimately available through EMC’s engaging and immersive learning environment Passport.

Developed with faculty from Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center, the Zulama program focuses on game creation, from developing a storyline to marketing an original videogame. The multidisciplinary curriculum for grades 6-12 adheres to national and state standards, including the Computer Science Teachers Association standards and can be easily incorporated into any existing middle or high school coursework.

“At EMC School, our focus is on digital literacy and communications, and providing schools with a comprehensive computer science offering is a key element of our strategy. The acquisition of Zulama accelerates our path to including an immersive and fully digital computer science and STEAM curriculum on Passport,” said Mick Demakos, division president at EMC School. “Zulama’s comprehensive course offering, coupled with EMC’s current foundational computer skills curriculum, offers students the opportunity to develop the critical skills they need to build digital competency and successfully pursue their career goals.”

Designed to be fun for both educators and students, Zulama contains more than 2,000 hours of engaging digital content, including lessons and project-based activities. Students learn programming languages and tools, such as Javascript, C#, 3DSMax, and Unity3D, which are commonly used by professionals. They can opt to participate in real-world projects, working with businesses, nonprofit organizations and community groups to create apps, games, websites and more. Zulama offers the opportunity to earn industry-recognized certifications that help students advance in their education and career path.

Zulama on Passport

With Zulama on Passport, students will access lessons, view assignments, collaborate with peers, submit game projects, and communicate with their teacher in an engaging and highly interactive learning environment. For teachers, Passport offers an easy and comprehensive way to provide feedback and track student progress. EMC first launched Passport in 2014 for the world language market, and this year, introduced its core English language arts program, Mirrors & Windows, onto Passport

“Computer science is a core competency that all students need because most careers today require some technology and programming skills,” said Nikki Navta, Zulama’s chief executive officer who joined EMC School as part of the acquisition. “We’re excited to unite with EMC School and put our curriculum onto Passport, effectively reaching more teachers and students across the country.”

Zulama provides a comprehensive framework so educators can easily apply it to their own curriculum, regardless of their subject area. Beyond computer science, Zulama helps students develop skills needed for communication, creative expression and job preparedness in a digital world. Many Zulama courses prepare students and teachers to obtain industry-recognized certifications, including Unity Developer and 3DS Max,. Select higher education institutions accept completed Zulama courses, particularly AP Computer Science Principles, for college credit.

Earlier this school year, the White House announced plans to commit $200 million every year to computer science education. Virginia became the first state to require computer science instruction in grades K-12 and other states and districts are adopting computer science curriculum standards. Zulama is already in use in classrooms in three of the largest districts in the country: Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles.

About EMC School

EMC School, a business unit of New Mountain Learning, is a recognized leader in language learning solutions in classrooms throughout the nation. Founded in 1954, EMC offers core instructional materials, supplements, and assessments for the K-12 market, delivering blended learning solutions for world languages, literature and language arts, and computer science. Its innovative learning environment, Passport, was launched in 2014 and has achieved significant market adoptions due to its engaging student interface and easy-to-use teacher tools. For more information, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, or on the web.

About Zulama, Inc.

Zulama, Inc. provides Computer Science education solutions that “hook” students by tapping into a topic they love—video games. Zulama’s curriculum for middle and high schoolers was created by faculty who teach these subjects to Master’s students at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center. A comprehensive, turnkey solution, Zulama provides in-depth teacher training to ensure their success teaching game design, programming, 3D art, and digital storytelling.


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