Dogs Are Proving To Be One Of The Best Coping Mechanisms For Mental Illness And Addiction

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A website dedicated to providing resources for struggling addicts, recently released information about dogs and treatment. Owning a dog will not cure an individual of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and drug related addictions used to self-medicate.  But owning a dog can absolutely aid in recovery and assist in avoiding relapse.  More and more rehabilitation treatment centers allow pets, and are also using dogs to help ease the stress of going through treatments for mental illnesses and addictions.  In group therapy, dogs were shown to reduce stress and help create a safe environment allowing participants to open up and find what led them to be in their current state of mind.

Owning a dog has shown to have quite a few benefits.  Having something to be responsible for can help those with depression and anxiety to focus on caring for another living creature.  Making sure they stay in a healthy state of mind so their dog is not neglected.  Exercise is another proven healer of the mind so owning a dog and taking them for a long walk will be beneficial for both body and mind.  Being outside with a dog leads to positive social interaction and healthy connections.  Many find a new purpose in caring for their dog and ease loneliness and can keep isolating oneself at bay.

There are even service dogs available specifically for those with mental illnesses.  Service dogs can go everywhere so there is never a time when the owner has to be alone.  Anxiety at going into a store, driving, talking to other people or just leaving the house can be reduced by taking the service dog along.  People love to ask about the dog which is an easy and positive gateway to social interaction, something that can be very difficult for those suffering with mental illnesses.  Focusing on the care of the dog can help them stay in a responsible state of mind.  Relapse is less likely when the focus isn’t on their problems but on caring for and loving their dog. continues to provide information in regards to addiction and mental health facilities that allow pets. For more information use the contact information provided.

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