The Association of Passive Optical LAN Announces 2017 APOLAN Award Winners

NEW YORK, Feb. 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BICSI Winter Conference 2018 booth #631 - The Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN), the non-profit organization driving both education and adoption for Passive Optical Local Area Networks (POL), today announced the winners of the 2017 APOLAN Awards. Honorees were recognized at the APOLAN annual member meeting awards ceremony on Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at the BICSI 2018 Winter Conference & Exhibition.

“The APOLAN Member Awards is an annual initiative recognizing an amazing group of APOLAN member companies that have embraced the Association’s mission to educate, advocate and promote the global adoption of Passive Optical LANs,” said Alan Bertsch, Qypsys President and APOLAN Chairman. “This year’s winners are a strong representation of the ongoing innovative spirit and dedication of our members.”

The 2017 APOLAN Awards, recognizing projects completed between November 1, 2016 and October 31, 2017, names the following winners in the Innovation, Promotion and Education categories. 

The Innovation Award: Recognizes APOLAN member companies that have promoted innovative POL advancements to meet industry technical challenges.

APOLAN Innovation Platinum Winner:

  • Qypsys with supporting member companies Corning and Dasan Zhone for POL deployment for a national headquarter complex located in Durant, Oklahoma

The award winning submission touts a fully converged solution featuring ceiling and raised-floor powered fiber infrastructure deep into the workspace to support all wired, WiFi, and Cellular connectivity in the 550,000 sf building. This solution is unique in that it blends a large number of industry technologies, developed or delivered by a number of APOLAN members, into one of the most innovated workspaces to date. This deployment is creating awareness in a new market segment and will increase exposure in additional verticals as the headquarters begins to roll POL into their casino networks.

APOLAN Innovation Gold Winner:

Alpha pioneered Remote Line Power (RLP) for ONTs. Alpha’s eLimiter+ power distribution unit delivers current over standard copper cables to ONTs located up to 400 feet from the source. The system includes active current limiting circuitry that maintains a maximum of 100 Watts per cable in compliance with NEC® Class 2 requirements. RLP eliminates the need for AC power at the ONT, improves security by limiting access to power, and simplifies battery backup for POL. Several integrators and OEMs have begun recommending Alpha’s Remote Line Power to their clients. The solution remedies the longstanding problem with power, enabling the user to focus on the true benefits of POL.

The Promotion Award: Recognizes APOLAN member companies that have implemented promotion initiatives to contribute with the awareness of POL and its benefits.

APOLAN Promotion Platinum Winner:

  • CallisonRTKL for “The Future of Passive Optical LAN” video

CallisonRTKL’s “The Future is Passive Optical LAN” video introduces viewers to POL and demonstrates the benefits of POL using simple terminology that is easy to understand. This is the first large promotional initiative for Passive Optical LAN by an architectural firm. Architecture clients are now considering the use of POL in their buildings by learning about it early in the design or construction process from CallisonRTKL’s architectural team.

APOLAN Promotion Gold Winner:

  • Nokia for Nokia LAN Savings Calculator

The Nokia LAN Savings Calculator tool calculates the total savings percentage of a Passive Optical LAN solution relative to a traditional copper-based LAN. The savings will be simulated for 2 options: First Year and cumulative after 5 years.

Education Award: Recognizes APOLAN member companies that have implemented learning initiatives to contribute to the education of POL and its benefits.

APOLAN Education Platinum Winner:

During the second half of 2017, Alpha Technologies, OCC, and Tellabs created a seminar targeting A&E firms. The seminars focused on educating the A&E firms regarding the benefits of POL, with the intent of creating a groundswell of interest in the pre-design stage of the building industry.

APOLAN Education Gold Winner:

The Fundamentals of Passive Optical LAN (POL) training at the BICSI conferences continue to represent a progression of the technology into the mainstream. With between 30 and 80 attendees per session, this training provides consultants, installers, and designers with the information they need to recommend and design POL solutions for end users.

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