Transparency and Regenerative Design Leader ILFI partners with Chemicals Management Innovator Toxnot to Scale Product Transparency

Toxnot enables product manufacturers to scale Declare label reporting

Fort Collins, Colorado, Feb. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Product Manufacturers can now directly submit their Toxnot managed products to the Declare product declaration submittal form with a single click. The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) and Toxnot have partnered, allowing product manufacturers to easily scale their product transparency reporting initiatives. Toxnot provides a best in class toolset to collect, manage and report on the chemicals in product supply chains. 

Toxnot is the only software service which allows users to enter their data and preview their unofficial Declare Label before submission.  The new toolset also provides validation and screening against the Living Building Challenge Red List to ensure entries are complete, speeding the submission process. With Toxnot, users can see problematic chemicals and search for more sustainable alternatives. Toxnot also provides new tools for configurable products (e.g. a chair with and without arms), allowing companies to scale reporting across their product lines in a way that hasn’t been possible before. Consumers want to know what is in their products; this partnership makes it much easier for manufactures to provide chemicals transparency.

The Declare labeling program, developed by ILFI in 2012, is the fastest growing standard for reporting on product transparency. Peter Girard, co-founder of Toxnot agrees: “We talk to building products buyers and manufacturers every day who are excited to work with ILFI and Declare.  We’re excited to make it even easier for our clients to find healthier alternatives and participate in Declare.”  

The ILFI created the Declare Label to work essentially as the nutrition label, for products. It seeks to inform customers about the origin of a product, what it’s made from and how it is most likely disposed at the end of its life. Toxnot combines data collection, management of the chemical hazards and reporting, making the process of creating a Declare Label easier than ever.

“We are excited to see this partnership come to fruition which will help the materials transparency movement scale. Toxnot provides a critical service to product manufacturers and helps eliminate barriers,” says James Connelly, VP of Products and Strategic Growth at ILIFI.

Toxnot streamlines chemical hazards transparency and reporting. ILFI is a nonprofit organization working to build a more ecologically-minded, restorative world. The two organizations have partnered to promote transparency in building product materials, helping architects and consumers to know exactly what’s going into their buildings. Toxnot was first launched at the 2016 International Living Future Institute’s annual Living Product Expo in Pittsburgh, PA.

About the International Living Future Initiative (ILFI)
The International Living Future Institute is an environmental NGO committed to catalyzing the transformation toward communities that are socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative. ILFI is premised on the belief that providing a compelling vision for the future is a fundamental requirement for reconciling humanity’s relationship with the natural world. ILFI operates the Living Building Challenge, the built environment’s most advanced performance standard, and Declare, an ingredients label for building materials. It houses the Cascadia Green Building Council and Ecotone Publishing.

About Toxnot
ToxnotPBC is a software company with a mission to improve health and sustainability across the global supply chain with insight about the chemicals and materials that go into them. Toxnot’s service helps manufacturers reduce costs by streamlining safer product design. Manufacturers use Toxnot to streamline transparency reporting and to collect hazard information across their global supply chain. Toxnot is the first service of its kind that scales from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises, and is the only free source of searchable GreenScreen List Translator scores. In 2017, Toxnot won the Environmental Leader Product of the Year Award.


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