QuintessenceLabs Launches Technology Alliance Partner Program to Meet Increased Demand for Integrated Data Security

Extended program follows successful collaborations with NetDocuments, PKWARE and VMware, and supports data protection integration with emerging and strategic technology partners

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- QuintessenceLabs (QLabs) has announced its Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program. This program enables companies to partner with the global leader in quantum cybersecurity, leveraging QLabs’ advanced data protection products to develop, market and deliver joint solutions that better protect data assets. QLabs already has successful integrations with NetDocuments, PKWARE and VMware, and is now extending these capabilities to new partners.

QLabs provides partners and their customers a powerful and interoperable foundation to address many of today’s challenging security threats and deliver a competitive advantage over other vendors in the market. The TAP program offers partners the ability to incorporate key and policy management, encryption key generation and a client software development kit (SDK) into any application.

“By partnering with QLabs, we have been able to strengthen the security services we offer, integrating their quantum random number generators and key management capabilities into our cloud storage architecture.” Josh Baxter, President of NetDocuments.

“The ability of QLabs’ qCrypt to deliver high-speed, true random numbers, combined with PKWARE’s Smartcrypt data security platform, provides stronger-than-industry-standard data protection and allows customers to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks,” said Matt Little, Chief Product Officer at PKWARE.

The TAP program can help companies of any size strengthen their current and future products by offering advanced data protection capabilities for its customers, while expanding the potential base of customers and prospects by leveraging these core QLabs technologies:

  • qCrypt™ – Handle the most challenging encryption key and policy management with ease. The QuintessenceLabs qCrypt is an OASIS KMIP-compliant, fully interoperable, flexible key and policy manager that enables the centralized management of cryptographic objects with full lifecycle, usage and policy controls, plus advanced replication capabilities.

  • qStream™ The QuintessenceLabs qStream Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) delivers the world’s fastest and most cost-effective full-entropy true random numbers at 1 Gb/s using ground-breaking patented technology.
  • qClient™ – Solve the challenges of integrating powerful and secure cryptographic key management and random number generation into any application using the QuintessenceLabs qClient SDK. Available in both KMIP and PKCS#11 versions.

“After successful programs with our current partners and increased demand from other technology vendors, we knew we needed to open this program to help businesses deliver better solutions that fit the growing demands customers are placing on their technology vendors for better protection of their critical data assets,” said QLabs CEO Vikram Sharma. “This program allows our partners to deliver advanced data protection tools into existing or future product.”

The potential for partner integration is limitless. Current technology partners have integrated QLabs’ products with unique and revolutionary approaches:

  • NetDocuments set the standard for world-class security, compliance, privacy, and availability for documents and emails, delivering the strongest protection for sensitive data when stored in the cloud. Customers gain even higher security and control by deploying QuintessenceLabs qCrypt or TSF appliances on-premises to complement and strengthen cloud storage.
  • The PKWARE Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager is the hub of its Smartcrypt platform, allowing organizations to maintain control over sensitive data across the enterprise. Together with the QuintessenceLabs Trusted Security Foundation™ (TSF) – the combination of qCrypt, qStream and on-board (HSM) – PKWARE can deliver an enhanced end-to-end data protection solution for key generation, management, and data-centric encryption.
  • VMware can now help customers find a bridge between secure virtual environments – desktop, data center or cloud – by incorporating the QuintessenceLabs’ qClient (SDK) with VMware vSphere 6.5.

Companies interested in joining this program can visit https://www.quintessencelabs.com/about-us/technology-partners/

For more information on QuintessenceLabs, visit www.quintessencelabs.com or follow the company on Twitter at twitter.com/quintessencelab or LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/quintessencelabs-pty-ltd

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