LateShipment Launches Pulse, an AI Powered Platform to Improve Package Delivery Experience

The Customer Relationship Management platform uses artificial intelligence to help merchants take control of the last-mile delivery experience

ORLANDO, Fla., March 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, (LateShipment), a software company that tracks companies' carrier packages, instantly recovers up to 20 percent of total shipping costs and automatically refunds claims for 50-plus service failures, announces Pulse, an artificial intelligence based system that leverages the power of data from tracking millions of shipments to enable merchants to create an exceptional last-mile delivery experience on every single order.

While LateShipment helps merchants recover refunds due to shipping errors, Pulse, which is now an integral part of the LateShipment platform, empowers merchants to gain more transparency during the shipping process and more control over their last-mile delivery data. The system collects more than 130 data points in real-time from every package shipped and cross-references it with data from similar shipments as well as data from millions of shipments the company has tracked in the past. Since Pulse is powered by AI, it becomes faster and more accurate every day in making predictions and package classifications, bringing LateShipment closer to its vision to provide businesses with the tools and actionable data necessary to hold shipping carriers accountable for their performance and empower merchants to create a more satisfying last-mile customer delivery experience.

“At LateShipment, we have a commitment to helping merchants recover every dollar of refunds that are owed to them by shipping carriers,” said Sriram Sridhar, co-founder and CEO of LateShipment. “However, we realized the priority for every merchant we worked with wasn’t solely focused on recovering shipping refunds for poor deliveries, but to ensure that every customer has a positive last-mile delivery experience and that was the impetus for creating Pulse.”

Today, most merchants don’t have the tools or resources to track every shipment sent out and only learn about poor deliveries when an irate customer calls. Pulse can report anomalies or predict failures earlier than shipping carriers, allowing merchants to identify and correct issues before they impact end customers. In the last three months, Pulse identified more than 138,000 delivery exceptions before they were reported by carriers and predicted more than 67,000 delays before they occurred. The system also reported more than 1,500 instances where a package was likely to be returned to a sender, informed merchants of more than 7,000 lost shipments before the carriers’ reports and spotted more than 10,000 instances where internal labels were generated for packages that weren’t shipped.

Additionally, Pulse can be integrated directly with order management systems to sync customer data to send automatic notifications to customers and support teams, allow support teams to search and view detailed tracking information for every shipment and create customized tracking pages to help merchants connect better with customers through unique tracking pages that retain the merchant's branding.

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About LateShipment:
Founded in 2012, LateShipment was born from its founders’ company, RIP-IT, after realizing a better way to track shipments and receive automatic refunds via advanced technology and algorithms. In order to effectively track shipments, delivery failures and refund claims, the software tracks companies’ carrier packages with zero out-of-pocket costs and will instantly recover up to 20 percent of total shipping costs through automatic refunds while also empowering merchants to offer a better last-mile delivery experience.

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