Hilltop Cybersecurity to Launch Early Warning System for a New Form of Cyber Attack

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hilltop Cybersecurity Inc, (“Hilltop” or the “Company”). (CSE:CYBX) (OTC:BGGWF), is pleased to announce that it has begun pre-launch testing of its prototype Early Warning System for advanced cyber-threats.  The Early Warning System is an enhancement to Hilltop’s patented Vauban cybersecurity platform, which automates the management of cyber-attacks for business customers. The early warning technology is designed to counter a new form of cyber-threat, called a “fileless-attack”, which is able to bypass existing network sensors.

Corby Marshall, CEO of Hilltop Cybersecurity, said, “Businesses are under threat from a new form of cyber assault, called a fileless-attack.  This new cybercrime tool is particularly insidious because it does not use malware or malicious payloads to breach a company network, and therefore it is able bypass all the existing sensors that networks have it place. Most small and medium-sized businesses simply don’t have the internal resources to defend against this new threat, which is why we have developed a new layer of automated protection that actively hunts these threats

  • Marshall, added, “We see the recent transaction with Phantom Cybersecurity by Splunk (NASDAQ) for $350M USD (https://www.splunk.com) as additional validation that, even in volatile markets, investments in the right technologies are accelerating. The crypto-currency market continues to show volatility and instability, however, the demand for the cyber tools and infrastructure, which is our core focus at Hilltop, will only increase.”  

News Highlights

  • Hilltop Cybersecurity will be launching an Early Warning System to combat a new cyberthreat call “fileless attacks”
  • The Vauban Early Warning System continuously and automatically searches for indicators of attack
  • The new system will be fully integrated into Hilltop’s patented, military-grade cybersecurity platform

Tom Gilmore, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), for Hilltop Cybersecurity, commented, “The Vauban Early Warning System gives businesses a pro-active, automated capability to identify attacks so they are not just waiting for signatures to be triggered in firewalls or intrusion detection systems.   We are weaponizing the data our customers already have, allowing a business’ cyberdefense system to locate, close with, and destroy attackers using fire and maneuver, in cyberspace.”

The Vauban Early Warning System continuously searches for indicators of attack by looking for four types of events:  Command and Control, Persistence, Privilege Escalation, and Lateral Movement.   Events are collected from every endpoint in the enterprise including workstations, laptops, and servers; then analyzed to determine whether it is a threat, and if so, the level of threat the event poses to the organization.  If the event is determined to be a legitimate threat, it is then processed through Vauban’s patented incident response engine.

Hilltop will begin customer testing of the Early Warning System in April 2018 with a planned full commercial release in June 2018.

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