180byTwo and PeerLogix Announce Partnership to Help Marketers Reach Consumers and Business Professionals using Deterministic and Streaming Media Behavior

New York, NY, March 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

PeerLogix (OTCQB: LOGX), an established standard for tracking Over-the-Top (OTT) engagement data of television, movies and music, has teamed up with Global Audience Solutions provider 180byTwo as part of LiveRamp’s Data Innovators program. Together, the companies have developed new audiences that combine streaming TV viewership insights with 180byTwo’s authenticated deterministic business and consumer attributes. These data-driven OTT audiences enable advertisers to strike a balance between the reach and content consumption of TV with precise attributes that are not available on linear TV media plans. These one-of-a-kind segments give advertisers the ability to target consumer segments with distinctive demographic, political, and product attributes, along with specific television content and behavior. As a result, consumers will experience more relevant, personalized messaging from brands.

By creating audiences that combine 180byTwo’s full 360-degree view of people along with PeerLogix’s viewership insights, brands can now access multi-dimensional audience segments for targeting across any channel. These new segments are made possible through LiveRamp®, an Acxiom® company and leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution.

180byTwo and Peerlogix are members of LiveRamp’s Data Innovators program, which offers data partners the capability to resolve data sets together at the level of an individual and create  unique, exclusive, people-based data sets for marketers. The Data Innovators program enables innovation with data and creates new revenue streams for data owners. Starting today, marketers can now access these high-value audiences via the LiveRamp IdentityLink™ Data Store.

A new era of television advertising is being ushered in with the consumer shift to OTT streaming services. Brands can now breakout beyond simple demographics that have historically been relied upon for linear TV ad buys, and dynamically target viewership per individual media and product affinities. These new audiences by 180byTwo and PeerLogix provide marketers a new view of the consumer, such as audiences of individuals who have brought together their professional and consumer personas. Focused on accuracy and scale, these new audiences provide marketers a unique way to reach audiences of professionals on a more personal level.

"We’re excited to work with PeerLogix and LiveRamp to incorporate our deterministic insights into a wide range of TV-based behaviors and intent signals. TV is still the best way to reach the mass media, but digital gives you the precise targeting and analytics for tangible results. Our goal is to make data actionable while providing accurate data that empower brands to reach the right customers," said Ben Goldman, CRO of 180byTwo. "Through this partnership, we’re helping both B2B and B2C marketers target more effectively utilizing a more complete customer view and delivering a more meaningful message to the end customer."

"The fragmentation of media is accelerating. We’ve seen rapid adoption of Over-the-Top streaming services and capturing this highly relevant engagement data which is prescient for marketers looking to reach audiences migrating away from traditional linear TV," said Ray Colwell, CEO of PeerLogix. "By combining this viewership data with 180byTwo’s demographic, political and product data, we are delivering to brands a solution to reach individuals who love specific content and are also in-market to make specific types of purchases or voting decisions."

"LiveRamp’s Data Innovators program enables our partners to combine their strengths, and by harnessing our identity resolution capabilities, to deliver granular and powerful people-based solutions," said Luke McGuinness, GM of Data Store, LiveRamp. "The collaboration between 180byTwo and PeerLogix offers marketers the ability to light up these unique audiences across multiple channels."

For more details and access to the new TV Viewing Audiences, marketers can visit the LiveRamp IdentityLink Data Store.

About 180byTwo
180byTwo is an industry leader in global audience solutions; leveraging multi-sourced offline, online, mobile, location, signal, proximity, and various other data points across industry verticals designed to help marketers and platforms more efficiently and effectively target businesses, consumers, and professionals across channels and devices wherever they are. 180byTwo works with thousands of clients and partners around the globe to provide best in class solutions and services so that they can make the most informed decisions through data to drive ROI. For more information, visit 180bytwo.com.

About PeerLogix

PeerLogix is an advertising technology and data aggregation company providing a proprietary software as a service, or SAAS, platform which enables the tracking and cataloguing of over-the-top viewership and listenership in order to determine consumer trends and preferences based upon media consumption. PeerLogix's patent pending platform collects over-the-top data, including IP addresses of the streaming and downloading parties (e.g., location), the name, media type (whether movie, television, documentary, music, e-books, software, etc.), and genre of media watched, listened or downloaded, and utilizes licensed and publicly available demographic and other databases to further filter the collected data to provide insights into consumer preferences to digital advertising firms, product and media companies, entertainment studios and others.


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