InterDigital CEO: Representatives Stivers and Foster Spur American Innovation With New Stronger Patents Act

WILMINGTON, Del., March 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- William J. Merritt, President and CEO of mobile technology research and development company InterDigital, Inc. (NASDAQ:IDCC), today announced his support for the new STRONGER patent legislation introduced by Representatives Steve Stivers (R-OH) and Bill Foster (D-IL), stating:

“The bipartisan effort to introduce the STRONGER Patents Act marks an important step forward for technological innovation in the U.S. Just a few weeks ago, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released a new study finding that the U.S. patent system continues to lag, falling to 12th, whereas a few years ago the U.S. routinely ranked first. This new legislation will help reverse the downward trend by offering strong protections for the research and intellectual investments of U.S. scientists and engineers. Both Congressmen Stivers and Foster recognize the importance of U.S. innovation, and they are proof that Washington can still work together on common sense policy that boosts our economy.”

The bill strengthens the protection of inventors’ intellectual property rights and would increase the pace of innovation and advance U.S. competitiveness in the global economy.

Jannie K. Lau, InterDigital’s Chief Legal Officer, added:

“By providing better protections for patents and the products of innovative research, companies like InterDigital will have an effective and reliable way to protect their ideas, which will ultimately boost the development of next generation wireless communications and other cutting-edge technologies. In today’s global economy, this means leading the way on the development and implementation of 5G, autonomous vehicles, and the Internet of Things.”

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