Cynerio Enters Global Healthcare Cybersecurity Market

Backed by Top Investors and Advisors, Cynerio Protects Hospital Medical Device Ecosystem from Cyber Threats

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cynerio today announced its mission to protect the future of healthcare by focusing on its weakest link - the connected medical device ecosystem. By building a tailor-made solution for healthcare providers, Cynerio delivers complete visibility into a healthcare organization’s medical device ecosystem, protecting it from cyber threats and helping the organization meet HIPAA regulatory requirements.

Cynerio was founded by cybersecurity experts Leon Lerman, CEO, and Daniel Brodie, CTO, to deliver a cybersecurity solution specially designed for healthcare providers, based on the industry’s first technology that combines device behavior modeling with medical workflow analysis to provide full visibility into medical device behavior and activity on the network, accurately detect anomalies with deep understanding of the medical context and stop the threat to ensure patient safety and data protection.

Lerman has over a decade of experience in cybersecurity. Prior to Cynerio, Lerman held senior positions at RSA Security and Metapacket where he served as a trusted adviser to numerous Fortune 500 companies and helped them to solve their security problems. He has roots in the IDF 8200 unit where he served as an expert intelligence officer, and holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management. Brodie was VP R&D at Metapacket and led the research team at Lacoon Mobile Security (acquired by Checkpoint). He is widely regarded as a subject matter expert in cybersecurity and his work was presented in Black Hat US, RSA and other major conferences. Brodie also served in the 8200, and took key part in numerous projects which won the Israel Defense Award.

“Connected medical devices are delivering a new level of patient care, but present new challenges of managing and securing the growing clinical ecosystem. For attackers, medical devices are easy targets, as the devices aren’t built with security in mind and healthcare security teams have limited ability to protect these devices with traditional IT security solutions that are more focused on standard platforms. Our technology offers a comprehensive solution, purposely built to protect the medical device ecosystem and their sensitive data,” explained Lerman.

Cynerio recently completed a multi-million dollar funding round from Elron, which invests in exceptional  medical device and cybersecurity companies and Accelmed, a leading investment firm focused on value creation for medical device companies and technologies. Amichai Shulman, co-founder and former CTO of Imperva, is an advisor to the company.

“The issue for medical device security is how threat detection relies on understanding the information exchange between the different devices in clinical environments and identifying information exchange patterns that are different from the norm, and therefore represents a risk.  Cynerio’s unique capability is not just identifying the shape of traffic between devices but also the human context of information. I think their technology is great which is why I have become an advisor to Cynerio,” said Shulman.

Cynerio made its US debut at the recent HIMSS healthcare industry conference, and announced its work with Rambam Hospital. In addition, joining other leading hospitals,  Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov) is now also using Cynerio’s technology to protect its sensitive data.

Itzik Chen, CISO at Tel Aviv Medical Center, said,  “There is a large and growing number of connected medical devices in the Tel Aviv medical center (Ichilov) ecosystem which could potentially become vulnerable to cyberattacks, which was a concern to us due to the sensitive patient data they handle. We developed a defense in depth approach including technology from Cynerio to secure our connected medical devices, as well as monitor and control the sensitive data in the hospital’s network.“

Solving this problem requires a unique solution, which will protect this diverse environment without being intrusive or aggressive. Cynerio’s approach addresses all these requirements by having a solution based on visibility of what happens on the network, with a deep understanding of data exchange between the different entities and its associated medical context. It then detects misbehaviors and stops attacks based on that knowledge.

Cynerio’s technology incorporates three key capabilities:

  • Visibility - full visibility of what devices are doing on the network & associated risk, continuous & automated device discovery and classification
  • Detection – accurate real time anomaly detection with medical context consideration
  • Protection – stopping malicious communications, without disrupting device operation to ensure patient safety & data protection  

Cynerio will be at the US cybersecurity industry’s premier event, the RSA Conference, April 16-20, in San Francisco, exhibiting in the Early Stage Expo, Booth #ESE – 40.

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