NFN8 Media, a Texas Fintech Company Completes First Phase of Data Center Sale/Leaseback Strategy

Austin, Texas, April 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After several years of research, NFN8 Media, a Texas Financial Technology Holding Company, rolled out the initial phase of its unique data center sale/ leaseback strategy in October of 2017. It allows for individuals to own 100% of the computer equipment used as the infrastructure backbone of the new blockchain financial system. The unique concept has gotten so much traction and attention that the company is making arrangements for their second data center. 

At this point, many name brand companies have accepted that blockchain is here to stay. Some examples are Microsoft, PayPal, Wholefoods, Bloomberg, Gap, JC Penney, Overstock, Tesla, DISH Network. It is becoming obvious that this technology will become a part of the backbone of the world financial system.  

Many opportunities have presented themselves for individuals to get involved in blockchain. These include speculating in one of the 1500 + cryptocurrencies or attempting to “mine” coins in some sort of homemade set up. The first is extremely risky and speculative. The second requires a lot of technical knowledge and has become just about impossible because of the cost of computers, power, and cooling. 

NFN8 developed its own blockchain mining operation using proprietary equipment setups, smart power planning, and specialized “data boxes” that manage electricity, cooling and venting. This resulted in profitable mining for the company. When the company needed to scale operations, they decided to offer to sell 100% ownership of a computer system just like the ones they had developed. They call the concept “Managed Mining.”  

The purchaser buys the computer system. The company procures and assembles it, then loads it with software and places it in company owned secure data centers right alongside the company owned equipment. The interesting part is, that the same day the equipment is bought, the company arranges a five-year lease of the equipment. Everything is completely managed for the purchaser and the monthly lease payment equals over 40% of the purchase price on an annualized basis. “We believe this is a much safer way for individuals to get involved in blockchain, than so many others out there. It’s similar to a triple net real estate deal,” stated Josh More, principal owner of NFN8. We see this as a way to share our success and let others participate in this new financial technology. We will only proceed in this manner until we finish our first 5 data centers. Then we will move on to other ways of expanding and financing operations, but these equipment owners will be locked in. It’s a win/win situation,” he added. 

Sales have proceeded much faster than anticipated.  Many individuals want to get involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency but also desire the security of a transaction that produces consistent monthly revenue. The advantage of NFN8 concept is that the Data Centers are small, decentralized, on shore in the U.S. and easily scalable. They are personally managed by the company principals. Equipment owners get the individual attention that appeals to many people. This philosophy is the exact opposite of giant, unwieldly, offshore operations where some fear they might lose control.  

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