Prey Business Adds Location History, Expands Wipe Capabilities, and Renews Desktop Experience

New features give users greater control over both sensitive company information and the movement of their mobile devices

SAN FRANCISCO, April 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prey Software, provider of the cross-platform, open source anti-theft software that protects more than eight million mobile devices, today announced upgrades to Prey Business that include location history and extended wipe capabilities. Added in response to customer demand, the new features give businesses greater visibility into the whereabouts of their mobile devices while simultaneously providing the ability to remove sensitive information and directories should they believe a device has been lost or stolen.

Location History: First Stage
Available in the latest Prey Business client upgrade, the first stage of Location History expands upon Prey’s existing geolocation capabilities and allows organizations to customize the tracking preferences from within the Prey control panel. By simply navigating to the settings tab in the device management section of the control panel, organizations can select from the following tracking levels:

  • Mole: For those who prefer to opt out of tracking mode, Prey will block the location feature from all devices in the account.
  • Hound: The default mode, hound only retrieves a device location upon request.
  • Eagle: Tracking devices at all times, this mode is triggered by movement or default periods of time if the device sits still.

The initial version of Location History will offer all three tracking options. In the future, Prey’s Eagle tracking preference will collect all necessary data to provide a Location History of current and past device locations. When this second stage is released, administrators will be able to follow device’s daily adventures through the Prey platform by selecting custom time frames to look back at any usual activity, such as a device that moves during the night or an office laptop that is not following its usual routine.

Device Custom Wipe
Responding to customer requests for more say in determining what is and what is not potentially sensitive information, Prey has put control of its popular Device Wipe feature in the hands of the user. Prey administrators can open the wipe tab and create custom directories that allow them to remove everything from the corporate to the private, to the important and the utterly embarrassing.

Renewed Desktop Configuration
This week public tests will roll out and a random portion of Prey desktop users installing the app will experience the revamped installation and device link process. Once Prey has been installed on a new desktop or device, the user will be prompted to link the device to their account through a new and secure web portal. With a built-in narrator who guides the users through the process, the new configuration setup helps eliminate mistakes and integrates social media logins as an alternative to create accounts, link devices to them, or connect the social login to an existing Prey account. It also introduces the user to the Online Panel, the portal where all their protected devices are managed from.

“Prey customers have asked for more control over both their mobile devices and the information on those device, and Prey has listened,” said Carlos Yaconi, founder and CEO at Prey Software. “These two Prey Business upgrades are designed to help organizations decide what is acceptable in the way of device movement and to exert greater control over sensitive company information.”

Pricing & Availability
Pricing for Prey Business is based on the number of covered devices. It begins at $1 per device, all features included, for low-scale deployments; as the number of devices increases, the per-device price continues to go down. Prey also offers customized plans for a client's unique needs as well as discounts for educational institutions and NGOs.
(Available for all major platforms: iOS, Android, Linux, Ubuntu, Windows and MacOS)

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Location History & Expanded Wipe Capabilities