Fnac Darty announces strategic partnership with Google

Ivry Sur Seine, FRANCE

Fnac Darty announces strategic partnership with Google

Just months after its successful in-store launch of Google Home, Google's first connected smart speaker, Fnac Darty announces the rollout of demo areas for Google products in all its stores

All Group stores will now have demo areas for Google products and services. All Fnac and Darty customers will be able to explore the Google universe in hands-on areas ranging from 10 to 50sq.m. and featuring the possibilities offered by Google Assistant (Google's smart personal assistant, loaded on many devices such as the Google Home smart speaker or compatible smartphones) and its ecosystem. Google products will also be showcased in targeted ways on the Group's websites and featured in products with embedded services such as Sound, Telephony, IT, Photography etc. Fnac Darty will be one of Google's privileged partners for launching its products through promotions or features.

This partnership was announced as Fnac Darty is speeding up the integration of Google Assistant into its services strategy: Fnac Darty is actually one of Google's top three partners for the launch of the transactions functionality offered by Google Assistant. This will make Fnac and Darty customers among the first to test voice-based purchasing on compatible cell phones, thanks to this much-awaited functionality which, for the time being, benefits four categories of items at FNAC stores: music, books, videos and toys. Using just a few voice commands, internet users will be able to choose the item they want and, after confirming the choice on their phone via the Google Assistant app, can pay via their FNAC account and then select the sales outlet closest to where they live, to pick up their order the next day.

In addition to those innovations, as the leader in customer service, the Group has just made the "Darty Button" available in Google Assistant. Available free of charge to customers who are subscribers to the Darty+ program, the "Darty Button" gives its users immediate access to installation and troubleshooting support for all products, whether purchased at Darty or not. Specifically, the users of Google Home speaker, or of any product integrating Google Assistant, will be able to ask in normal human language to be connected with Darty, and get a response from an expert in less than a minute.

"This partnership is the perfect illustration of the spirit of our Confiance+ strategic plan: the desire to offer our customers a one-of-a-kind discovery, buying and service experience, and to offer our partners an unrivalled platform to showcase their brands and products. We're very proud of this partnership with Google, one of the world's most innovative companies," says Enrique Martinez, Fnac Darty CEO.

"We're delighted to be able to make our latest innovations available to consumers in order to enhance the customer experience enjoyed at FNAC DARTY, iconic French distributors. Whether in-store via dedicated demonstration areas to try out Google products, or at the customer's home via the rollout of Google Assistant voice technology, FNAC DARTY customers will be able to access the best of Google products and services," adds Google France CEO Sébastien Missoffe.


Fnac Darty announces strategic partnership with Google