AdRoll and Magento Commerce Announce Strategic Partnership to Help Online Stores Drive More Growth

AdRoll Launches Magento 1 & 2 Integration to Help Its 37,000 Customers Create Demand and Drive Revenue Through Personalized Marketing and Ads

SAN FRANCISCO, April 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AdRoll, the E-commerce Growth Platform, announced today the launch of a new integration with Magento Commerce, the worldwide leader in cloud digital commerce innovation. With this news comes a formalized strategic partnership, making it easier than ever for AdRoll customers using Magento to solve for cart abandonment and drive more sales through high-performing marketing and ad campaigns.

“We’ve built our business on Magento. By using AdRoll and Magento together, it has been easy to launch our campaigns and manage them daily,” said Gjenes Belamide, digital marketing specialist at Bay Alarm Medical. “What we love is that it enables us to keep track of all of our most important business metrics, including how often our ads drive people to buy more products.”

Magento Commerce is one of the most popular commerce platforms in the world, with hundreds of AdRoll clients running their online stores through the platform. This new integration allows AdRoll customers to easily target and engage shoppers based on how they interact with their Magento Commerce store. AdRoll also instantly creates personalized product recommendation ads and revenue tracking for Magento customers at no additional cost to the customer.

“As industry trailblazers, AdRoll has continued to drive innovation in the leading-edge, online advertising and marketing technologies our customers need to stay ahead of the curve,” said Ryan Murden, Head of Business Development at Magento Commerce. “We are pleased to welcome AdRoll as a Select Technology Partner and look forward to helping our joint merchants achieve revenue growth through personalized marketing.”

Key Benefits of AdRoll + Magento Commerce:

  • Instantly build product recommendation ads personalized to shopper behavior
  • Easily bring predicted and existing shoppers back to the online store to purchase
  • Automatically track sales and revenue impact directly within the AdRoll platform
  • Effortlessly setup the store with AdRoll in a few minutes

AdRoll will ring in the new partnership as a sponsor at Magento Imagine conference hosted in Las Vegas. To learn more about the integration, please visit our Magento Marketplace page.

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