Wavefront Partners with Derivative Solutions to Spur Innovation Using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™

Wavefront and Derivative Solutions team up to help organizations drive mobile and IoT innovation through cutting edge methodologies

Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wavefront Innovation Society (“Wavefront”), a Centre of Excellence headquartered in Vancouver, BC, announced today a new partnership with Derivative Solutions, an innovation broker firm providing change management strategy and execution services. Derivative Solutions is the latest addition to Wavefront’s trusted partner network, a group of companies dedicated to driving mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) innovation in Canada. Wavefront and Derivative Solutions will collaborate to design and implement strategies for business transformation.

Wavefront works with mobile and IoT companies at all stages of their lifecycle and across multiple industry sectors to launch new business models, change organizational processes and enhance enterprise customers’ experiences. As an innovation intermediary, Wavefront helps large enterprises digitally transform their business by connecting them to innovative Canadian startups and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). An in-house team of designers, developers and engineers enable Wavefront to deploy mobile solutions to enterprises across Canada.

Derivative Solutions is headquartered in Vancouver, BC with offices in Mexico and Spain. The firm specializes in applying cutting edge methods that foster out-of-the box thinking. With a focus on identifying the right strategy for market compatibility, Derivative Solutions leverages tools like LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ workshops to assist organizations across the globe with business transformation.

“Wavefront is thrilled to have Derivative Solutions join our trusted partner network,” says Christian Magsisi, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions with Wavefront. “We look forward to leveraging their expertise in facilitating discovery workshops to identify winning innovation strategies for enterprises.”

“We place a strong value on working with great international allies like Wavefront. It is a great honor to be recognized as a trusted partner,” says Federico Goroztieta, President of Derivative Solutions. “Our team is looking forward to collaborating with Wavefront to facilitate insightful thinking, spur creativity and develop solutions in real time,” says Maria Gutierrez, CEO of Derivative Solutions.

This partnership strengthens Wavefront’s commitment to working with SMEs across Canada to foster an ecosystem of innovation. Wavefront is actively looking to onboard additional SMEs into the trusted partner network. Together partners will deliver mobile solutions and collaborate on marketing and thought leadership initiatives around IoT.

About Wavefront

Wavefront is Canada’s leader in transforming business through mobile and IoT innovation. We are a centre for commercialization for companies in the wireless and IoT technologies space. Our vision is to build a globally relevant, nationally connected ecosystem that delivers digital capacity, competitiveness and prosperity for Canadians.

About Derivative Solutions

We are a group of engineers, marketers and business professionals who use innovative methods to identify strategies that improve business performance by challenging the status quo. We help you achieve impactful organizational change by supporting business strategy development and execution. We have facilitated innovation in over 400 companies over the last 20 years using cutting edge methodologies and tools that move organizations forward.

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