Brownie’s Marine Group to capture an entirely new market

POMPANO BEACH, FL., May 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Brownie’s Marine Group (BMG), BMG is pleased to announce that it has secured exclusive, worldwide license to new intellectual property in the field of supplying surface breathing air to divers.  Included in the IP are custom electric motor, pump, regulator, and control algorithm designs which will allow BMG to offer the most compact, lightweight and price-competitive shallow-water dive systems in the world.

The original device is the brainchild of John Colborn a Houston, Texas resident with a passion for the water. A combination of enthusiasm and profound background in both product development and engineering brought forth the Xplorkel, a surface-supplied air (SSA) dive system that bridges the gap between snorkeling and diving. Colborn founded Setaysha Technical Solutions to make breathing underwater easier, more comfortable and accessible – a mission that perfectly integrates with that of BMG.

The device formerly-known as Xplorkel has joined the bLU3 product line as NEMO™ – the smallest of the series and the first bLU3 product to enter into production. NEMO™ is an SSA dive system that supports one diver to a maximum depth of ten feet.

“It’s the perfect entry-level device for bringing the world’s 20 million snorkelers deeper into the incredible world of diving,” stated Robert Carmichael, CEO of Brownie’s Marine Group. “It provides those, who for one reason or another haven’t made the commitment to SCUBA, their own low barrier-of-entry, underwater breathing equipment. Our team couldn’t be happier to be the ones bringing that opportunity to the world, we’re ecstatic” said Carmichael with a visible level of excitement.

Carmichael went on to note that NEMO™ captures new markets, “we’re incredibly proud of the advancements made on the new Third Lung,” he stated, referencing the Sea Lion™ Third Lung – a battery-powered dive system that runs for 3+ hours on a single battery, a major achievement announced by the company last month, he went on to say “but NEMO™ appeals to entirely new demographics we’ve had our eyes on – the recreational snorkelers, paddle boarders and treasure hunters.”

NEMO™ is about the size of a 2-slice toaster, making it a suitable addition to the bLU3 line, which touts the tagline ‘a line of ultra-portable dive systems.’ The device provides an experience like SNUBA – a global enterprise that provides over 200k surface-supplied diving experiences every year – yet in contrast, NEMO™can be owned by consumers, operates with common, rechargeable batteries, and can be carried in just one hand. It is also an item of interest to the ever-expanding market of kayak and paddleboard participants as it provides a convenient way to explore more of the water. The company has also been hearing from the dredging and treasure hunting community about bLU3 products being the perfect solution for their objectives.

“NEMO’'s size and weight is a breakthrough for both freshwater and saltwater diving. It also opens up a new opportunity for underwater metal detecting which is a market that is expanding very quickly as metal detectors become increasingly more affordable – some are as low as $200. NEMO allows metal detector users to leave the shore and search where few have before,” elaborated Brownie’s Board Member Dana Allen.

The opportunities to reach existing, yet un-served, customers are summarized in the company’s Market Analysis, available on its Investor Relations page.

The bLU3 team came across John Colborn and his invention at DEMA Show 2017, the largest trade show for companies doing business in the scuba diving and ocean watersports industries.

“Well, we originally had plans for NEMO™ to reach 15-20 feet, but when we saw the exceptional engineering John [Colborn] had put into this device, we knew it was perfect for what we were trying to do at bLU3. Anyway, when it comes to shallow reefs – you’ll experience just as much at 10 feet as you would at 20 feet, things you can’t get to know from the surface. It’s going to be a real game changer for the snorkeling community” Blake Carmichael explained, he went on to share his excitement to work with Colborn – “John [Colborn] is a great asset to our team. His ingenuity and experience is an absolute treasure.”

Due to the advancements in manufacturing engineering achieved by Colborn, NEMO™ will enter into production and become available for purchase prior to NOMAD, the feature-rich system announced by bLU3 in January 2018.

Colborn will work alongside the BMG team to further expand the Company’s patent portfolio and provide engineering and manufacturing startup support through to commercialization. He will potentially continue working on future BMG projects thereafter.

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