Arvig Continues E-rate Success with Schools and Libraries

PERHAM, Minn., May 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- During the first quarter of 2018, more than 30 schools/school districts have selected Arvig for high-speed internet, transport and voice solutions. Methods of delivery include dark fiber and traditional lit service solutions. These institutions are funding these services through E-rate, a federal program administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) that subsidizes internet infrastructure for schools and libraries.

With the increased use of technology like tablets, streaming media and online testing in the classroom, high-speed service has become fundamental to K-12 education. Arvig works closely with school districts across Minnesota to deliver high-quality connectivity to replace or upgrade outdated technology. Arvig currently serves approximately 300 schools and libraries throughout the state of Minnesota.

“We are proud to be an eligible service provider through USAC’s E-rate program, allowing us the opportunity to reach and serve even more anchor institutions in and around our service areas,” said Dave Schornack, Director of Business Development and Sales at Arvig. “We have built many great relationships with schools and consortiums across the state, often adding or upgrading services to many of these customers after the initial service is ordered because they trust Arvig as their service provider.”

Many of the schools and libraries connected to Arvig’s network are located in greater Minnesota. In the last five years, Arvig has partnered with a number of schools and libraries in the metro area, serving more than 100 locations in the Twin Cities.

Arvig offers schools with the option to purchase traditional lit services, dark fiber, or the ability to purchase their own private network. E-rate reimbursement now includes funding for schools and libraries to build and own their network, which Arvig can fully manage by providing the electronics needed to “light” the network, as well as required locating and operational maintenance and support of the fiber network.

“Arvig is the only traditional telecom carrier in the Twin Cities metro area that offers locating and maintenance services,” said Schornack. “Offering these services makes Arvig a unique player. In addition to delivering broadband or voice services, we have our own Construction team, which makes us a true soup-to-nuts provider, especially for larger districts that own their own fiber networks. We’ll not only help locate their fiber, but can provide any necessary maintenance, and that has resonated well with schools and libraries.”

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About Arvig

Established in 1950, Arvig is the largest independent telecommunications provider in the state of Minnesota. As of today, the company has a 4,500-mile fiber network throughout the state of Minnesota and provides service to tens of thousands of internet customers in more than half of Minnesota’s counties. In addition to broadband services, Arvig also provides business phone solutions, security, managed IT and a variety of other services. Arvig serves approximately 300 schools and has completed projects for these consortiums: Central Minnesota Educational Telecommunications System (CMETS), Freshwater Education District, NW LINKS, South Central Regional Area Telecommunications Systems (SOCRATES), and Technology and Information Educational Services (TIES). For more information, visit Arvig online at


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