Rigado Announces Cascade Edge-as-a-Service for Commercial IoT

A secure edge solution, including an IoT gateway, for only $9 per month

PORTLAND, Ore., May 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rigado has announced Cascade, an integrated Edge-as-a-Service solution for IoT edge connectivity, computing and security, that is designed to reduce the complexity, risk and cost of large-scale commercial IoT deployments. Offered as a simple monthly subscription, Cascade delivers the key wireless connectivity, edge computing platform and managed security updates that allow IoT product and project teams to focus on building value through Commercial IoT applications, rather than on the underlying edge infrastructure, security and maintenance.

“Companies building IoT solutions no longer need to incur as much cost, time and risk to their projects with Rigado’s Cascade Edge-as-a-Service,” said Ben Corrado, Rigado CEO. “With Cascade, we have reduced by six months or more the development time to build and deploy a secure, scalable IoT solution. And we’ve removed the upfront hardware investment needed -- all while automating critical security updates at the edge.”

Rigado’s Cascade Edge-as-a-Service solution enables IoT teams to securely deliver edge applications at scale with an integrated solution comprised of:

  • Cascade-500 IoT Gateway, Rigado’s latest IoT gateway that offers a range of connectivity options including Bluetooth 5, Zigbee, Thread, Wirepas mesh, Wi-Fi & LTE; security features like file system encryption; and 800 MHz of edge computing power.

  • Cascade Edge Protect, providing automatic OS and security updates when common vulnerabilities, exposures and exploits are discovered. Adding another layer of security, Edge Protect also provides signature authentication to ensure that what developers publish is exactly what runs.
  • Cascade Edge Direct offers tools for edge device orchestration and performance monitoring. These allow operations teams to monitor performance and diagnose issues; provision gateways; and flexibly schedule, manage and apply application updates. Edge Direct integrates with existing DevOps processes and CI tools, and uses a familiar app store deployment model. With Edge Direct, technicians are able to stay out of the field, remotely deploying -- and rolling back if necessary -- updates for reliable maintenance.

  • Cascade Edge Connect gives teams a secure connectivity and computing platform with a fully containerized edge OS, secure boot and an encrypted file system. Edge Connect also offers easier connections to IoT sensors and beacons using API calls that do not require device or protocol expertise.

With Cascade, developers are able to get started faster, focusing on their applications rather than supporting systems and infrastructure. IoT support teams are able to efficiently secure, monitor and update edge solutions with little to no additional team or tools. And business teams benefit from reduced development, support and no up-front hardware costs, creating a faster path to ROI and aligning Cascade with the SaaS models common in Commercial IoT.

Cascade also leverages the security and scalability of Ubuntu Core by Canonical. Optimized for edge performance, Ubuntu Core is a fully containerized computing environment and includes Snaps, a simple application packaging system that makes it easier for developers to build and maintain application containers at the edge.

“Canonical Ubuntu Core in concert with Cascade Edge-as-a-Service enables IoT teams to deploy and manage their IoT applications in a highly secure, open environment," said Tom Canning, vice president of devices and IoT at Canonical. "Enabling developers to focus on building their IoT apps rather than base infrastructure, the Snap architecture supports Rigado's edge-as-a-service by allowing developers to quickly and easily deploy new features and applications to end devices, without worrying about the hardware."

Said David Helms, Chief Technology Officer of Radius Networks, "Rigado Cascade provides secure, scalable IoT connectivity that allows us to quickly develop and deploy our solutions for connected hospitality. Now with Rigado Cascade, we can help brands launch a reliable, differentiated guest experience even faster, while simultaneously winning the cost efficiencies IoT offers."

Rigado’s edge solutions power more than 300 global customers and 5 million connected devices across Commercial IoT solutions such as Asset Tracking, Smart Lighting, and Sensing and Monitoring in markets like Smart Workplaces, and Connected Retail and Logistics.

Cascade Edge-as-a-Service will be generally available June 15, 2018, with previews beginning May 15th. Cascade Edge-as-a-Service will be showcased at LightFair in booth #124 in the IoT Pavilion and at IoT World Santa Clara in booth #912. Full specifications of Cascade Edge-as-a-Service are available at https://www.rigado.com/products/iot-edge-as-a-service/.

About Rigado
Rigado provides edge connectivity and computing to companies delivering large-scale Commercial IoT solutions, helping them to drive business value while reducing complexity, cost, and risk. Rigado powers edge connectivity for more than 300 global IoT customers with its Edge-as-a-Service, gateways, and modules. Rigado is headquartered in Portland and Salem, Oregon with offices in London, UK and Shenzhen, China. Rigado can be reached at www.rigado.com.

Kim Blomgren