Stingray Lands Global 5-Year Deal to Develop and Market The Voice Singing App

MONTREAL, May 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ever thought you have what it takes to make The Voice judges turn around and take notice? Thanks to Stingray’s The Voice singing app, all you need is a mobile device to put those singing skills to the test and share your talent with the world! Stingray (TSX:RAY.A) (TSX:RAY.B) today announced that it has been selected by Talpa Media, creator of The Voice, to develop, publish, and market worldwide the juggernaut of singing competitions’ new companion singing app.

Stingray is an established leader in the development of successful karaoke services and interactive apps, including Yokee – Sing Karaoke, Stingray Karaoke, and Kids Karaoke. Stingray apps have been downloaded over 100 million times by music fans and amateur singers worldwide.

The Voice singing app will be launched worldwide in December 2018.  

The Voice singing app for mobile devices will be developed by Stingray’s Yokee team (acquired by Stingray in May 2017) and will be powered by the same technology used by the immensely popular Yokee family of music apps (Yokee – Sing Karaoke, Yokee Piano, Yokee Guitar).

The Voice key app features:

  • Choice of tens of thousands of songs; from current chartbusters to all-time classics.
  • Rich and powerful recording studio capabilities - fine control over vocal effects and the ability to re-record specific song segments to perfection.
  • Powerful video recording engine that allows singers to create mesmerizing video clips with real time and rich video effects.
  • Pitch guide that allows singers to sing exactly on key.
  • Ability to record duets with other friends who use the app.
  • A full-featured social framework that allows singers to create profiles, share their performances, follow other singers, and get performance feedback from other community members.
  • AI-powered recommendation engine that allows users to choose the perfect songs for their taste.

The app will be free to download from the Apple and Google Play app stores and will offer a selection of complimentary songs. The entire song catalog will be accessible with a VIP in-app subscription.

Stingray will count on the expertise and proven success of user acquisition specialists and mobile publisher Tilting Point Media LLC to promote the app to The Voice’s millions of fans around the world. The deal was brokered by Evolution USA, Talpa Media’s licensing agency for mobile rights.


“Entering into a high profile, long-term partnership with Talpa Media to develop and market an app based on one of the entertainment world’s most recognized properties is a coup for Stingray and confirms our reputation as a premier music app developer,” said Eric Boyko, President, Co-founder, and CEO of Stingray. “The expertise of the Yokee team in developing social music apps is without equal. We look forward to contributing to keeping The Voice fans around the world engaged, entertained, and connected to their favorite show.”

“We are thrilled to work together with Stingray as our premium partner for The Voice Singing app,” said Maarten Meijs, Managing Director of Talpa Global. “As a world leader in multiplatform music services we believe that Stingray is a perfect fit for our global hit format The Voice. With this new partnership we look forward to further extend our brand visibility and reach even more fans around the globe.”

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