Dr. Edward Picardi South Dakota: Delivering Medical Service Beyond Borders

South Dakota Doctor Puts Others First and Foremost

Rapid City South Dakota, May 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Putting your personal interest ahead of the others is challenging but this was what Dr. Ed Picardi of South Dakota did.  And he did this with much love and sincerity for public service.

The dilemma came when the popular surgeon had to travel all the way to Liberia to assist in a medical mission despite the travel advisories.

“My hardest decision was to commit to the urgent request to assist in Liberia given that there are travel advisories for both Liberia and Togo due to Ebola and Lassa Fever,” he said.

He even added, “A missionary doctor died there in 2016 due to Ebola/Lassa Fever.”

Despite the Odds of Having To Deal With the Said Challenges, He Still Proceeded To Help

The opportunity to be of service to his fellow came at the time when he himself was facing personal difficulties.

Dr. Ed Picardi of South Dakota was faced with criminal charges, which he sees as a political attack on him for being very vocal about his dissent for ObamaCare and HillaryCare. He eventually had to deal with the loss of his license to practice medicine in 2013.

Nevertheless, his license in Nebraska was reinstated to him in 2016 after the medical board thoroughly reviewed his case and they unanimously voted for the return of his license.

On the same day his license was returned, he got a notice about the need for a medical missionary work in Africa. He heeded the call to work voluntarily.

“Since then, I have been doing volunteer medical missionary work with Samaritan’s Purse,” he said. “By May, I travel to Liberia. Then in June, I return to Togo, Africa.”

Serving the Military

Serving the public is indeed in the genes of the good doctor as he has also dedicated 13 years of his life to serving the military. Nine years of these were dedicated to active duty while the four years were in active reserve.

After his stint in the military, he and his wife devoted their time to live a modest lifestyle. They spend much of their time and s big portion of medical practice to the poor and needy.

In fact, he has earned a reputation in the medical community as someone who patients can rely on no matter the situation and time of the day. Dr. Ed Picardi of South Dakota, an awarded and highly acclaimed medical practitioner is the kind of surgeon patients would love to have on their side.


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