Spring 2018 Marks the Start of a New Era at Maropost

TORONTO, May 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Maropost, the innovating force in Marketing and Sales technology, announced today several key company updates, among them: an all-new brand design and all-new features for Maropost Marketing Cloud.

“We're looking forward—this is the future of Maropost. The rebrand and relaunch of our website—along with our latest product updates—are a part of our commitment to growing with our customers,” says Ross Paquette, Maropost Chairman and CEO.

Aside from a change in color-scheme, this shift also signals a change in direction for Maropost, marking a renewed dedication to their founding vision. “Customer-first innovation is Maropost's main drive. Our new platform updates and brand both have our customers at their core,” says Paquette.

The company's new look debuted alongside a letter from the CEO, shared on the Maropost blog. In the post, he explains his ambitious vision for the future of the company—as well as its customers.

Platform updates include:

  • Acquisition Builder enhancements, for faster subscriber, customer, and customer data acquisition
  • An easy-to-implement Web Tracking feature, to drive more personalized experiences
  • A powerful Content and Product Recommendation Engine, which leverages Web Tracking to tailor messages to every contact
  • Reporting enhancements that provides deeper insight into marketing performance
  • An updated Mobile Module UI, for further cross-channel analysis and optimization

Maropost customers also saw several other key updates earlier this year, including 2-Factor Authentication, a new Magento integration, and several API enhancements. To learn more, visit Maropost Marketing Cloud.

About Maropost

Maropost is a B2C cloud-based sales & marketing suite that enables companies to increase cross-channel customer engagement and maximize revenue. Through integrated marketing and sales automation, Maropost provides the essential tools, strategic guidance, and support needed to create personalized customer experiences through a 360-degree business view—from marketing automation, to CRM, commerce, and customer support. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Maropost is trusted by brands like DigitalMarketer, New York Post, Mercedes-Benz, Rolling Stone, SHOP.com, and Yext. Learn more at www.maropost.com.



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