Colton Moore Set To Be Youngest Elected Official Ever in District 1

ATLANTA, May 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With a campaign budget of $3,500, Colton Moore of Dade County has his sights set on the District 1 Georgia State House election. At 24 years old, he will be the youngest elected official in District 1’s history.

Moore’s incumbent disclosed more than $40,000 in donations received primarily from Atlanta and out-of-district donors making many, including Moore, question the influence of large donations received from those who cannot vote in the election.

This Tuesday, May 22nd, will be the last day citizens of Dade and Walker County can cast their vote for Colton. For more information on where you can vote, please visit:

David Roden, head of The Wilson Road Neighborhood Group, asked Moore and his plush incumbent to stand for a final debate last week. The results clearly highlighted many differences between the two generations’ perspectives and their ability to handle hardline questions about the future of the district.

After the debate, Moore commented: “Over the last eight weeks, thousands across the district have recognized the voice that this District deserves and has been deprived of. I financially backed this campaign with my own funds because I want to change the pace and respect our counties receive in Atlanta without the influence of string-pulling donors.”

Scott Kelly from Lafayette stated: “Mr. Moore, because of you, I went and voted. I am so tired of the same old song and dance from all of the people that are running for office.”

Moore added, “My opponent has won the last three elections. If citizens want more of what they have received from this position, they know who to vote for. If they want someone who brings a louder voice with a faster pace on a cheaper budget, well, my name is Colton Moore and I would be honored to fight for a better life for you, your family and your employer.”

If Colton Moore is the winner of the open primary election on May 22nd, he will become the Georgia State Representative for District 1 for the next two years.

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