Report: Retro, Metallic and Simple Designs Identified as the Hottest Label Trends Hitting Shelves This Summer

One-third of consumer decision-making is based on packaging – here are which creative aspects brands are using to attract consumers this summer

GREENVILLE, S.C., May 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- From evoking feelings of nostalgia to capturing attention with bold textures, this summer’s most popular product label designs are sure to draw in buyers. Today, Frontier Label, a digital label and sticker printing company, releases its Labeling Trends Report that identifies the top label design and creative aspects of summer 2018.

Based on an analysis of label design from more than 1,200 companies in the craft beer, wine, food, health and beauty industries and more over the past four months, Frontier Label compiled the report for both brands and consumers to understand the power of visual design.

The top labeling trends of summer include: 

  • Retro themes, especially across beverage labels, such as soda companies. With the idea of “classics” triggering a sense of familiarity with consumers, retro designs immediately draw in attention.
  • Simple and clean label designs that will appear most frequently on health and beauty products, due to an increased focus on transparent and natural branding.
  • Smart metallics that will dominate industries such as craft beer and give labels and packaging a foil effect. The juxtaposition of metallics with matte colors creates interesting textures and striking designs.

“With more choices across nearly any product category than ever before, consumers are often making purchases based off first impressions – and that is the product’s label and packaging,” said Jared Powell, Principal at Frontier Label. “We identified the top design trends for this summer to both give consumers a glimpse into what they can expect to see on shelves, and help brands understand where the competition stands as they start looking toward fall or special product milestone labeling.”

With brand loyalty shaky in the consumer packaged goods category and others, an intriguing label can be the deciding factor for which product stays on the shelf and which lands in a shopper’s cart. Especially among millennials, who are often recognized for making purchase decisions based on “pretty packaging,” the right label design opens up a new method of storytelling, encouraging customer acquisition and ultimately a sale.

“Whether it’s an eye-catching design or contrasting colors, labels and packaging are the ‘face’ of any product and brands need to develop a strategy for how they want to present themselves to consumers,” said Powell. “For the mom and pop shops to larger businesses, there are resources and companies to help with label and packaging design if the skillset isn’t available in-house. Especially when it comes to celebrating seasonal events or brand anniversaries, an intriguing label and packaging is a must-have.”

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