Society for Advanced Bronchoscopy Commits to Enhance Education and Practice Excellence as U.S. Demand for Bronchoscopy Procedures Increases

At second meeting, members share the latest clinical and administrative best practices supporting continued, high-quality patient care

TAMPA, Fla., May 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bronchoscopy professionals in the United States need greater educational and practice-building support to ensure continued delivery of high-quality care for Americans being evaluated for lung diseases, more than 100 expert physicians concluded earlier this week. The physicians shared proven, practical approaches to addressing the growing U.S. demand for bronchoscopy procedures during the second meeting of The Society for Advanced Bronchoscopy (SAB), which took place Sunday, May 20 in San Diego.

“The members of the SAB have made a unified commitment to support excellence in the field and the dissemination of technical knowledge that will help us and our colleagues continually enhance professional practice and, thereby, ensure that Americans everywhere undergoing bronchoscopy procedures receive the highest quality care,” said D. Kyle Hogarth, M.D., SAB president.

Increasing numbers of lung cancer, severe asthma, and emphysema cases in the United States are one factor driving steady demand for bronchoscopy procedures. Dr. Hogarth founded the SAB in 2017 to promote and support excellence in the interpretive skills and technical knowledge of those involved in advanced bronchoscopy and to help maintain professional practice integrity in the face of increased demand.

During the SAB’s second meeting, “Hot Topics in Advanced Bronchoscopy,” members shared personal experiences and learnings related to a range of critical clinical and administrative issues. These included advanced approaches for lung-nodule management, integration of documentation and quality indicators to ensure consistency and support reimbursement, and the process and impact of building an effective lung cancer center of excellence program.

“By building an effective program, we saw a significant shift from 2012 to 2016 in the stage at which we are able to identify and diagnose lung nodules and lung cancer. We are changing the way we approach lung cancer on a population level,” said Krishrendu Bhadra, M.D.  Dr. Bhadra described specific tools and techniques his practice has integrated to create a center of excellence, including blood-based genomic and proteomic testing that helps physicians get lung cancer patients onto appropriate treatments more quickly.

“It’s clear that the SAB is filling a critical need by helping thought leading physicians integrate the most advanced practices and technologies into their patient care, and disseminating these best practices to their peers nationwide,” said David Brunel, CEO of Biodesix, Inc., an SAB founding commercial partner. “We look forward to seeing and supporting the next steps of this influential and focused organization.”

About the Society for Advanced Bronchoscopy

The Society for Advanced Bronchoscopy is an international organization with a growing membership of physicians, fellows, residents, allied-health professionals, and students as well as industry partners. The society provides experience-based, quality education for physicians, advance practice nurses, respiratory therapists, and technologists.

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