OrthAlign, Inc. Announces Clinical Milestone: 2,000 Cases with HipAlign®, Handheld Navigation for Direct Anterior Total Hip Replacement

Aliso Viejo, CA, June 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OrthAlign, Inc., a privately held U.S. based medical device and technology company providing orthopedic surgeons with advanced precision technologies, announced another milestone achievement in its 2,000th HipAlign case. HipAlign was commercially launched in early 2018 for direct anterior total hip replacement.

HipAlign acts as a GPS for surgeons, using micro-electromechanical sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes to guide hip replacement surgery, ensuring accuracy and alignment in cup placement and in tracking changes in leg-length. All of this happens in a phone-like device that sits in the surgeon’s hands and on their surgical instruments.

“We are excited to reach this milestone after a diligent limited-market release throughout 2017 and a full-launch following the AAOS annual meeting earlier this year,” said Eric B. Timko, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OrthAlign. “HipAlign’s rapid adoption proves there is high demand for a cost effective, minimally disruptive technology that provides increased accuracy and consistency in total hip replacements. With HipAlign, we’re able to expand our orthopedic offering and continue to provide surgeons and healthcare facilities clinically beneficial and economically friendly technologies.”

“After performing over 3,000 navigated total hip arthroplasties using a variety of different navigation devices and techniques, HipAlign has fit my workflow and made my accuracy the best by far,” said Dr. Matthew Heinrich, Orthopedic Surgeon at the Texas Institute for Hip and Knee Surgery. “I said goodbye to lead aprons due to a minimal x-ray need for my anterior total hips. My clinical results have been excellent. I have found the lower cost technique is easily portable, and have used it at five different facilities, including two surgery centers where I perform outpatient total hips.  My patients also appreciate that I utilize technology to help make sure that my accuracy is second to none!”

With no pre-operative CT-scan required, HipAlign delivers results without disruption. Patients receive the benefits of computer-guided surgery without additional time spent for pre-operative imaging procedures. With HipAlign, anatomic data is collected by the surgeon during the procedure, providing information not previously available using traditional hip surgery approaches.

About OrthAlign, Inc.

OrthAlign is a privately held medical device and technology company, developing advanced technologies that deliver healthier and more pain-free lifestyles to joint replacement patients, globally. We provide healthcare professionals with cutting edge, computer-assisted surgical tools that seamlessly and cost-effectively deliver vital data and clinical results to optimize outcomes for our patients. For more information regarding OrthAlign, please visit www.orthalign.com.

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