E3 Attendees Get High on Digital Psychedelics

Game Designer & Techno-Mystic Robin Arnott Takes Entertainment into the World of Transcendent Technologies with Launch of Publisher Orpheus Technolodelics

First-Out VR and App Titles Include SoundSelf, MicroDose VR and Breathscape

LOS ANGELES, June 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) -- Game developers are turning their talents toward expanding consciousness and wellness through virtual reality and mobile apps.  For this year’s E3, new publishing label Orpheus Technodelics launches with digital experiences that package transcendent healing into entertainment technologies. First-out titles include SoundSelf, MicroDose VR and Breathscape to be released between 2018 and 2019.

In 1990, Terence McKenna said, “The computers of the future will be drugs. The drugs of the future will be computers.” With today's technology and advancements in neuroscience, psychedelics for the mainstream are having a resurgence. Orpheus Technodelics CEO and Game Designer Robin Arnott wants to seed transcendence into mainstream culture.

"Do not doubt the power of videogames. The way people look at a screen when they are completely invested in an experience is a testament to the power of this tool,” said Arnott.  “Crafting digital experiences out of what we’ve learned from neuroscience with the goal of deeper consciousness and mindfulness can play a significant role in improving emotional and cognitive states.   Ours are the tools of transcendence.”

First-out titles are all from visionaries who share the goal of designing titles that are both videogames and psychedelics:

  • SoundSelf: SoundSelf is an ecstatic meditation experience designed for VR. The first true digital entheogen, SoundSelf doesn't use a traditional controller - instead it listens to your breath and voice. Each vocalized tone navigates you through strobing tunnels-of-light, impossible geometric forms, and into a meditative trance. The result is an elegant symmetry of image, sound and body that takes advantage of loopholes in the way you perceive to facilitate a new experience of yourself and your world. SoundSelf will support PSVR, Oculus Rift and Vive. Beta access is available right now to Oculus and Vive users.
  • MicroDose VR: Developed by global art sensation, Android Jones, MicroDose VR is the gateway drug to your creative spirit.  It combines dance, music and audio reactive visuals into a new medium where your experience is the art.  Use MicroDose VR for fun, therapy, personal therapy and/or VJing.  MicroDose VR is currently made for PCs to be experienced on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers.
  • Breathscape: Designed by AuraLab co-founders Ben Collins and Robert Alexander (formerly of NASA / Design Science PhD), Breathscape is a gorgeous breath-controlled experience that promotes meditation, relaxation, and altered states of consciousness through auditory biofeedback.  Using only a smartphone, the app measures the user’s respiratory rhythm and algorithmically generates guided meditation over a tapestry of soothing sound that ebbs and flows with the breath in real time.

“One of the most exciting potentials for Virtual Reality is that it helps us connect deeply to the nature of our consciousness and awareness of being. VR is like training wheels for helping us become more present, and it blazes new neural pathways into our mind changing the way we perceive reality,” said Kent Bye, producer and host, Voices of VR Podcast. “I’m excited to see Robin Arnott start Orpheus Technodelics in order to curate and shine a spotlight on mindful and contemplative experiences If VR is able to help us tap into new latent human potentials, then I’d expect that it would be distributed by Orpheus.”

“Videogames are an incredibly powerful tool for shaping a person’s consciousness,” said Arnott. But the industry has used games as a means of escape instead of as a means of introspection and intimacy with self. We have an opportunity to flip the distraction into a healing interaction. As Western art and culture grows to embrace the tides of mindfulness, our tools have to evolve. Can a videogame give you an experience of stillness? Of the transcendence of self? Of samadhi? Absolutely. And we’re just at the beginning.”

At E3, Orpheus Technodelics will be at Good Shepherd Entertainment’s Indie Heaven (a fantastic gathering of independent games and game makers from June 12-14 at Don Chente DTLA - 1248 S. Figueroa St.).  The space is directly across the street from the Los Angeles Convention Center and adjacent to the legendary Devolver Lot. Demos and interviews are available by appointment only.

About Orpheus Technodelics
Orpheus Technodelics was founded by Robin Arnott, game designer, techno-mystic and entrepreneur, to take entertainment into the world of transcendent technologies. Orpheus Technodelics publishes psychoactive digital experiences that harness the power of mindfulness and gaming, and connect them to neuroscience and emerging markets. For more information on Orpheus Technodelics, Robin Arnott, our logo & relevant media visit us here. View Arnott’s TEDx talk here. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and on the web at orpheustechnodelics.com.

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