Hilltop Cybersecurity Inc Announces New Customer and Gives Product Updates

Kelowna, British Columbia, CANADA

KELOWNA, British Columbia, July 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hilltop Cybersecurity Inc, (“Hilltop” or the “Company”) (CSE:CYBX) (OTC:CYBXF), is pleased to announce PEP Solar in Phoenix Arizona as a new customer. PEP Solar will use the company’s product, “Vauban”, to secure its solar operation and to create awareness and protection from the cyber threats it has experienced in the past.

Hilltop continues to enhance its product offerings by aligning capabilities to enable secure business operations. Hilltop’s three products are focused on enabling customers to achieve comprehensive security while driving efficiency and cost savings for transformational initiatives.

As organizations struggle to balance the competing demands of introducing new technology and partners for competitive advantage, Hilltop assists its customers in maintaining secure, effective business processes while addressing increasing compliance demands. 

Hilltop’s three current products: CybrEPM, Vauban, and CyberKEEP, all share a common core platform that is purpose built to enable secure operations and facilitate easy integration with existing customer investments. Each product offering is modular and may be added plug-in style from a central console. 


Hilltop’s secure cloud-based Enterprise Portfolio Management application enables decision makers to utilize organizational capital wisely to produce the best outcomes while securing enterprise assets against both external and internal threats.

Hilltop will release CybrEPM version 2.1 in 4th Quarter, 2018. This release includes a set of features that are not currently available in any market offering: 

1. Anomaly Detection: CybrEPM will be able to automatically detect and flag user behaviors within the system that deviate from defined business rules, providing detailed analysis to strengthen the decision-making process and enterprise portfolio governance. 
2. Blockchain Memorialization: Blockchain delivers an encrypted, immutable digital ledger for recording transactions, including all updates to project and portfolio data or digital approvals by key stakeholders 


Hilltop’s core security platform provides a full spectrum security solution that includes monitoring, early warning detection of advanced threats and incident handling support.

Vauban has been updated to include full integration with the Sophos Next Generation Unified Threat Management product as well as incorporating automated Tenable vulnerability scans for on-premise and hosted network assets. Vauban version 3.0 will be released in 4th Quarter, 2018. 

There is also planned support for distributed office and home office security in version 4.0 due in 2nd Quarter 2019. This will include the Nano Security Module which captures and encrypts security information in isolated environments for analysis on the Vauban platform. This solution will integrate with small business and home-based routers, cameras and other IoT devices to holistically address emergent threats in modern business environments. 


Hilltop’s Vauban Wallet represents an end-to-end security solution for cryptocurrency transactions. On the client side, the Vauban Wallet offers a “hard wallet” solution that utilizes Hilltop’s patented 4-factor authentication process for securely generating and cold storing cryptographic keys. This device is fully recoverable, ensuring that customers are safeguarded from losing their investments. The server components for this solution implements a full custodial blockchain capability with features that support SEC compliance requirements and deliver a fully auditable trail for cryptocurrency pedigree and identity assertion. The Vauban Wallet is currently in beta with functioning prototypes but will be released for production in August 2018.

“We are pleased with the forward movement of our product strategy.   We continue to stay true to our cyber-security roots and are confident that as the market understands the value of our product offering and our completeness of vision and execution, that we will be rewarded in the market with increased product sales and increased market differentiation.”     Corby Marshall – CEO, Hilltop Cybersecurity Inc.

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Hilltop Cybersecurity (CSE:CYBX) (OTC:CYBXF) is a cybersecurity and cryptocurrency security specialist. The Company has developed a unique, patented, cybersecurity platform, designed to protect businesses from external and internal cyber attack, and has also patented its biometric security solution for cryptocurrencies.

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