TVadSync Integrates Unacast Data to Give Advertisers Clarity into How TV-to-Digital Cross-platform Retargeting Drives Customers to Stores

Combination of Smart TV Data and Transparent Location Insights Allows Targeted, Attributable Cross-screen Media

NEW YORK, July 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TVadSync, the leader in TV-to-Digital cross-platform marketing, has partnered with Unacast, the leading transparent location data platform, to finally give brands a clear picture of how combined TV and digital media campaigns influence their customers’ real-world actions.

TVadSync will now use Unacast’s transparent location data to measure foot traffic to store locations, providing marketers using TVadSync’s cross-screen targeting platform with valuable attribution measurement.

TV ad spend is forecast to decline this year, falling to less than one-third of total U.S. ad spend. One key reason marketers are shifting their budgets into other channels is that TV is not as measurable as digital media. The partnership between TVadSync and Unacast changes this dynamic, combining cutting-edge cross-screen media and transparent location data to measure footfall traffic and help advertisers fully quantify the impact of their combined TV and digital advertising. This ability to finally measure real-world actions triggered by exposure to cross-channel campaigns has the power to make TV an attractive proposition once again.

“TV has always been the platform to build brands. No other medium can challenge its ability to elicit emotion at huge scale, and that’s something brands can still very much capitalize on,” said Ronan Higgins, CEO of TVadSync. “With TV and digital cross-platform campaigns, advertisers, for whom footfall is an important KPI, no longer have to be worried they won’t be able to adequately gauge campaign efficacy with transparency - while at the same time they can look forward to driving huge lifts in location visits.”

Unacast’s unique data assets include IP address information. When combined with smart TV data, sourced by TVadSync from Inscape, this allows brands to understand which consumers saw ads on both their TV and a mobile device, and which of those later visited a store or point of interest.

"Our goal is to understand how people move about the real world, and present those insights in a clear, transparent fashion,” said Thomas Walle, CEO of Unacast. “The only way that advertisers and businesses can make informed decisions is if they have clarity into the location data and what it tells them. We feel that the TVadSync product is powerful, and Unacast's transparent data finally gives brand marketers the proof that their campaigns are driving store visits."

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About TVadSync
TVadSync ( represents the ultimate in cross-screen marketing, helping advertisers leverage the combined emotive power of TV and conversion opportunity of digital to drive maximum ROI, and understand the impact of both. With TVadSync’s retargeting offering, brands can retarget the mobile devices of consumers who have viewed specific TV content at exactly the right time, helping to push higher show tune-ins, site visits and conversions. Through cutting-edge attribution modelling, TVadSync also gives brands valuable insights into precisely how their TV and digital spend influences engagement, and how to optimize their marketing.

About Unacast
Unacast is the leading transparent, contextualized location data platform. Its aim is to empower companies and individuals by providing the most accurate understanding of human activity in the real world. Unacast empowers the next generation of data-driven industries with unique and highly accurate data sets and insights, built on a foundation of location data from our proprietary Real World Graph®.

Unacast, founded in Oslo, Norway by Thomas Walle and Kjartan Slette and now headquartered in NYC, has garnered multiple awards for its platform, campaigns and for its company culture, including Best New Company at the Nordic Startup Awards. Inc. Magazine has called Unacast “The Startup That Just Might Threaten Google.”

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