iMine Corp Launches Flagship 12-GPU Cryptocurrency Miner the Ai-1

INDIANAPOLIS, July 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- iMine Corporation (“iMine” or the “Company”) (OTCQB:JRVS), a publicly-traded company focused on developing and selling commercial-grade cryptocurrency miners, announces that the Company has developed, tested, and launched its flagship product the Ai-1, a 12-GPU cryptocurrency miner that outputs over 490 Megahash/s.

“After months of rigorous product testing by our manufacturer, we are proud to showcase iMine’s first-class cryptocurrency miner, the Ai-1,” said Daniel Tsai, iMine’s Chief Executive Officer. “Ai-1 is a reliable GPU-based high-performance commercial-grade cryptocurrency miner product that we believe will be sought after by the blockchain industry.”

Ai-1 features advanced technologies that are designed to help deliver superior performance over competing GPU-based mining rigs on the market. Best-in-class features include:

  • Multicoin Mining - Equipped with NVIDIA P104-100, a high-performance GPU designed for cryptocurrency mining, Ai-1 is compatible with most of the popular cryptocurrency algorithms including Ethash (Ethereum, Ethereum Classic), Equihash (Bitcoin Gold, ZCash), CryptoNightV7 (Monero), and Lyra2Rev2 (Vertcoin).

  • Superior Cooling – Ai-1 comes standard with a professional closed-system chassis and ten cooling fans to keep the GPUs operating at the optimal temperature and drive down air-conditioning cost.

  • Plug-in Ready – Ai-1 requires minimum assembly and comes pre-installed with EthOS, an operating system specialized in mining.

About iMine Corp

iMine is a publicly-traded corporation that is in the process of developing the business of selling computer equipment which can be used for the mining of cryptocurrency.  The industry commonly refers to this computer equipment as “mining rigs”.  We plan to develop and sell GPU-based mining rigs based on our specifications. For more information, please visit  Information on our website is not part of this press release.

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