TREBEL Music Inks Deals with Major Record Labels to Provide A New Category of Digital Music Service

Music App Targets Growing Mobile Audience and Expands Internationally, Starting with Mexico

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

STAMFORD, Conn., July 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TREBEL Music, the maker of the only licensed music app with on-demand and offline play sponsored by brand advertisers, today announced the general availability of its app in the United States and Mexico. TREBEL’s patented mobile media delivery system addresses the needs of:

  • users, who need to listen to their music offline;
  • artists, who need to be fairly compensated for their music; and
  • brand advertisers, who need a brand safe mobile music platform to deliver digital video, display, and promotional advertising alongside emotionally engaging content.

TREBEL is addressing a massively underserved market consisting of fans who use music video sites and unlicensed sites/apps as substitutes for licensed on-demand music services capable of offline playback. More than 1.3 billion music fans visit ad-supported music video sites on a monthly basis to listen to on-demand music, and this audience is growing rapidly. These sites provide a sub-optimal music listening experience for users (i.e., no offline play, poor sound quality, cellular data consumption, low content breadth), and extremely low levels of monetization for artists.

TREBEL provides a licensed alternative for fans who resort to unlicensed outlets that pay nothing for content. Despite the recent proliferation of licensed ad-supported and subscription-based music streaming services, the IFPI recently reported that 40% of consumers (and 53% between the ages of 16 and 24 worldwide) accessed music from unlicensed services in 2017. TREBEL Music, with its unique user experience, is targeting these music fans numbering in the hundreds of millions per month who want to play music offline without a subscription.

TREBEL Music’s innovation is made possible by the confluence of mobile technologies that allow delivery of targeted mobile video and audio advertising while digital music files are being downloaded in the background, migration of brand advertising from desktop to mobile devices, and mobile gamification. The app delivers music from the biggest artists in the world through licensing agreements with the major labels in each country, including Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group.

Notable features of TREBEL include:

  • Ability to listen offline.
  • No expensive mobile data use during playback.
  • Unlimited offline music storage through intelligent caching. More than 5,000 songs have been downloaded by some beta users.
  • Background play while other apps are being used.
  • Reduced mobile battery usage during playback. Not using the mobile device’s radio while music is playing reduces battery consumption by 80%.
  • High quality audio.

Since the introduction of the initial beta version in 2016, TREBEL has been downloaded more than 4 million times, with more than 300,000 new users finding the app through word-of-mouth each month despite little promotion or marketing. The Company is currently negotiating Series B financing and plans to grow its base by tens of millions of users by expanding throughout the Americas and entering fast-growing international markets, particularly where there is a high and unmet demand for offline music for no charge.

TREBEL’s success is driven by its laser focus on developing a product that addresses the needs of fans who currently use poor substitutes for on-demand and ad-sponsored experiences, and delivering the best music in the world, including almost all of the artists with albums ranked on the current Billboard 200 chart.

“The TREBEL team is excited about the opportunity before us, one made possible by our highly experienced leadership team and investors, as well as our strong relationships with the largest music labels in the industry,” said Gary Mekikian, Co-founder and CEO of TREBEL. “Great music streaming companies are already changing the way paid music is consumed, by monetizing the subscription model and creating significant value for artists and investors alike. TREBEL seeks to change the way free music is consumed and monetized by the masses and expects to create similar value for our stakeholders.”

To download the app, visit: in a browser on your mobile device.

About TREBEL Music
Headquartered in Stamford, CT, with offices in Los Angeles and Miami, and backed by funding from Connecticut Innovations and Univision Communications, Inc., TREBEL Music is the only ad-sponsored and licensed on-demand music app with offline play for Android and iOS smartphones. Supported by premium advertisers and in partnership with the major record labels, TREBEL enables listeners to choose from a library containing millions of the best songs in the world for offline listening. For its brand advertisers, TREBEL provides industry-leading premium video advertising with completion rates above 70% and ad visibility of 100%. The overall market opportunity for offline mobile music is estimated at 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, most of whom are resorting to free substitutes like unlicensed and user generated content sites. Since launching the beta version quietly in 2016, the TREBEL app has been downloaded more than four million times and is adding hundreds of thousands of new users each month. The app is currently available in the U.S. and Mexico with plans to expand to other countries soon.

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