GreenBox POS TrustGateway Technology Proves Ultra-High Efficiency in Preventing Fraudulent Transactions

SAN DIEGO, July 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NetworkWire – GreenBox POS, LLC (OTCQB:GRBX) (“GreenBox,” “GRBX,” the “Company”) is pleased to announce that TrustGateway, a major component of the Company’s QuickCard payment system, is proving to be highly efficient in preventing fraud on the GreenBox payment platform.

Fraud is the main variable in the risk analysis and transactional costs formula on payment systems.  When it comes to prevention of fraudulent transactions, GreenBox has a unique advantage over all competitors: it owns all the parts that make the blockchain payment system - from TrustKeys to ledger and gateway.

“There are other gateways, but none can compete with a blockchain gateway. TrustGateway is not only the best defense against fraud, but it also takes part in load-balancing and maximizing system uptime,” states GreenBox Executive Vice President Ben Errez. “We do see daily fraud attempts from bad actors, but they simply can’t do any harm on blockchain gateways. TrustGateway’s track record shows that no customers were harmed, no money was lost, and no successful penetration of the defense walls was recorded. We are very happy with the efficiency of TrustGateway and QuickCard as integrated systems.”

About GreenBox POS, LLC:

GreenBox POS ("GRBX") is a groundbreaking technology company that builds customized payment solutions for a multitude of industries. The company has developed the fastest and safest way to send and process money using Blockchain technology. The company was awarded 5 provisional patents for its technology. GreenBox POS develops the following main products: POS (Point of Sale software and hardware solutions); DEL (delivery app, APIs to POS and PAY); PAY (payment app, providing financial APIs to all other components); KIOSK (deposit, cash and E-wallet management). All products, services and custom hardware are available now from GRBX. GRBX is based in California with offices in Seattle, WA; Las Vegas, NV; Vancouver, BC, Canada; and HQ in San Diego, CA.

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