Plunify Enables InTime FPGA Development in the Cloud

Offers On-demand Cloud Access to Developers for any Xilinx FPGAs, SoCs

SINGAPORE, July 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Plunify®, a leading design optimization technology provider, today announced availability of Plunify InTime™ through the Plunify Cloud platform for on-demand development, optimization, testing and deployment of Xilinx field programmable gate array (FPGA) designs in the cloud using Vivado® Design Suite, HLx Edition. 

“Our collaboration with Plunify enables FPGA designers to leverage the flexibility and scalability of the cloud to compile designs in Vivado at scale and reduce turnaround time,” remarks Ramine Roane, vice president of solutions marketing at Xilinx. “Additionally, designers now are able to take advantage of Plunify’s InTime capabilities to quickly optimize design performance.”

Plunify is the first Xilinx partner to offer development with the Vivado Design Suite in the cloud. The Plunify Cloud platform is a solution that harnesses cloud computing’s value in solving IT bottlenecks such as scaling and provisioning at a competitive cost. It is a one-stop billing and licensing portal as well, assisting developers make the best use of the cloud as a development and test environment.

After installing the Plunify Cloud plugin, developers can click buttons in the Vivado GUI to offload compute-intensive builds to the cloud or directly access a preloaded cloud machine with Vivado Design Suite.

“FPGA designers are not IT specialists,” says Plunify Vice President of Business Development Kirvy Teo. “We work closely with Xilinx so that users can leverage the cloud securely with a single button click in Vivado without requiring complicated IT setup and security issues. The capability enables greater flexibility for FPGA design teams to move their development workflows to the cloud at a moment’s notice during times of peak demand.”

The Plunify Cloud Platform is available on the Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) through an hourly licensing model that changes traditional development workflow. With abundant, affordable licensing and compute resources, chip designers can apply machine learning techniques using Plunify solutions to optimize their designs.

Plunify’s InTime performance optimization tool takes advantage of multiple concurrent compilations in the cloud to meet design performance targets and reduce product time to market for electronics companies.

A video detailing how it works can be found on YouTube.

About Plunify

Solutions from Plunify enable designers to meet FPGA design performance targets, shorten product time to market and reduce development costs with no disruption to existing workflows. It solves complex chip design timing and performance problems through machine learning techniques for a variety of markets. Those include communications, data center applications and applications such as high-end test and measurement equipment, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and high-frequency trading (HFT). Plunify’s portfolio includes the Plunify Cloud™ and EDAxtend™ chip design platforms, InTime timing closure tool and InTime Service.

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