Markforged obtains favorable jury verdict in competitor IP case

Jury finds independently-developed technology in metal printing system created by Markforged did not infringe upon competitor patents

WATERTOWN, Mass., July 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Markforged, a leading 3D printer manufacturer, today announced that following a 21 day trial, a jury in the United States District Court, District of Massachusetts, Boston, unanimously found that Markforged did not infringe any claims of IP belonging to Desktop Metal, another developer of 3D printing machines. Desktop Metal had claimed that the revolutionary manner in which the Markforged Metal X printer forms ceramic release layers in order to print complex parts infringed on their patents. After deliberating for less a day, the jury returned a complete non-infringement verdict, finding that Markforged did not infringe and had not induced or contributed to infringement by its customers. To learn more about Markforged, please visit

For Markforged, this verdict further validates the history of independently developed innovation and IP that has fueled the 300% year-over-year growth for the thriving Series C company. To date, Markforged has 100 filed patent applications and 15 issued patents, the most recent of which – US Patent 10,000,011 – was issued just last month. Markforged printers are at home in design offices, machines shops, and especially, factory floors, where they print functional prototypes, tools and fixtures, and end-use parts for customers all over the world.

Announced in 2017, the Markforged Metal X 3D printing system is already transforming the way businesses approach their manufacturing operations, amidst a quickly growing metal 3D market that IDTechEx estimates will be worth $12B by 2028. Markforged Metal X customers today print end-use parts that are 50% lighter and 95% faster than existing part creation processes, while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per part. 

“Markforged printers have changed the way businesses produce strong parts while dramatically impacting the delivery times, cost, and supply chain logistics.” said Greg Mark, founder and CEO of Markforged. “We feel gratified that the jury found we do not infringe, and confirmed that the Metal X, our latest extension of the Markforged printing platform, is based on our own proprietary Markforged technology.”

As it has been since March 2018, the Markforged Metal X system is available and shipping globally. To learn more and receive a quote, please visit

About Markforged
Markforged transforms manufacturing with the most affordable 3D printers capable of producing parts tough enough for the factory floor. Engineers, designers, and manufacturing professionals all over the world rely on Markforged metal and composite printers for tooling, fixtures, functional prototyping, and high-value end-use production. Founded in 2013 and based in Watertown, MA, Markforged has over 150 employees globally, with $57 million in both strategic and venture capital. To learn more about Markforged, please visit


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