Prey Remote Installation Helps Retrieve Valuable Laptops

Ability to deploy tracking software after a device has gone missing enables companies to produce solid evidence of property theft for police action

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prey Software, provider of the cross-platform, open source anti-theft software that protects more than eight million mobile devices, today recommends three different approaches for remote installation on a missing laptop.  In addition, Prey has published a blog describing two different ways taken by Prey customers to installing Prey on laptops after they noticed that the devices were missing.

Read how the two organizations reclaimed their assets due to Prey Remote Installation:

The first step for a remote installation is to set up a Prey account on a home or office computer. This will enable the users to manually configure Prey Anti-Theft on a company or personal device. Next, the administrator will have to wait for the missing laptop to be turned on so that it can connect to a wireless network. At that point, the software can be installed, and Prey can locate the device.

Prey can then be installed on an off-premise device in one of three ways:

Unattended Install -- The most technical users with remote access can execute the Prey Anti-Theft Unattended Install. For Windows, there are two different installation methods, an EXE and an MSI installer. Both will work and install Prey on your systems. An Unattended Install can also be achieved on a MAC or Linux-powered laptop.

Remote Desktop App -- For a device that is not linked to a Prey account, the user will have to deploy a remote desktop app to install and configure Prey remotely.  A recent PC Magazine article “The Best Remote Access Software of 2018” rates six options: RemotePC, TeamViewer, LogMein, GoTOMyPC, VNCConnect and Splashtop Business Access.

Free Software -- In keeping with its Open Source roots, Prey also can be deployed via any number of free remote access software offerings.

“Although Prey Anti-Theft always works best when it’s installed well in advance of a missing device, it also can be deployed after the fact,” said Carlos Yaconi, CEO, Prey Software. “Installing Prey on non-present device takes some technical expertise, but as our customers attest, Prey has been instrumental getting their laptops back.”

Generating Evidence to aid Police Forces

Prey customers feed a steady stream of success emails to the company, and many of them end up as Recovery Stories on its website. When two recent emails independently reinforced the value of Prey remote installations, Prey decided to highlight them in the Prey Blog

  • In the first story, a Salt Lake City company tracked and retrieved a device five months after it was gone.
  • In the second story, the device was retrieved within a week. 

In both cases, Prey was able to pinpoint the device location and produce reports that lead police to former employees who had taken company-issued devices along with them after their terminations. Both incidents also explain the challenge of tracing a missing device to a former employee. The fact that, once deployed, Prey can deliver the necessary details and reports to initiate police action can make all the difference in employees getting away with stealing company property and the company getting its valuable assets back.

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