Enveil Achieves NIAP Common Criteria Certification, Validating Data In Use Technology For Nation-State Level Deployment

Startup Becomes First and Only Data In Use Security Vendor to Complete Rigorous Accreditation Process

Washington, D.C., Sept. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enveil, the pioneering data security company protecting Data in Use, today announced that its ZeroReveal™ solution has achieved the international Common Criteria security certification, marking the first time a capability focused on securing data while it’s being used or processed has reached this milestone. Overseen by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), the Common Criteria certification validates that a product meets strict security requirements for U.S. National Security System procurement and is used globally by organizations in 28 member countries to assess and certify security solutions.

Founded in September 2016, Enveil is one of the youngest companies ever to obtain this esteemed certification. Enveil’s breakthrough technology addresses a Data in Use vulnerability gap that people have been chasing for more than two decades. By enabling a Never Decrypt security posture, Enveil fundamentally changes the paradigm of secure data usage and completely closes off the threat vectors in the Data in Use attack landscape. The Common Criteria certification provides third-party assurance for governments, financial institutions, and other security-conscious industries around the globe, verifying Enveil’s capacity for enterprise and nation-state level deployments.

“We think of security first – and that goes beyond the Data in Use security protections our ZeroReveal™ solutions provide,” said Ellison Anne Williams, Founder and CEO of Enveil. “Completing the rigorous independent testing and evaluation process required by NIAP certifies our technology as a trusted part of an enterprise’s technology ecosystem. It’s a milestone we’re incredibly proud to achieve, affirming the power of our secure Data in Use capabilities to provide nation-state level protection in the global marketplace.”

Enveil leverages homomorphic encryption techniques to protect Data in Use at unmatched levels of scale – the solution has been proven to perform robustly and at speed over terabytes of data on cloud platforms. Enveil’s ZeroReveal™ solutions work seamlessly alongside existing systems to enhance security and ensure an organization’s most sensitive data – Intellectual Property, PII, and other compliance-critical data – remains encrypted during processing, completing the final segment of the Data Security Triad. With Enveil, organizations can securely process data in the Cloud, on premise, or anywhere in between.

Governed by ISO/IEC standards bodies, the Common Criteria certification is the most widely recognized international evaluation standard for security in IT products. It is managed by overseeing bodies from each participating nation, and evaluations are conducted by approved independent licensed laboratories using certified evaluators. In the United States, NIAP – established by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) – is responsible for Common Criteria certification and implementation.

To learn more about Enveil or request a demo, please visit www.enveil.com.

About EnveilEnveil is a pioneering data security company protecting Data in Use. Performing actions such as search and analytics have historically required decryption, creating points of exposure. Enveil’s Never Decrypt computation capability closes this last gap in data security by protecting data while it is in use. Enveil allows enterprises to securely operate on both encrypted and unencrypted data in the Cloud, on prem, or anywhere in between. Founded by U.S. Intelligence Community alumni with backgrounds in mathematics, algorithmics, and machine learning, Enveil is revolutionizing data security by addressing a Data in Use vulnerability that people have been chasing for more than 20 years. Learn more at www.enveil.com.


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